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[A]Executor II

Post#1 » Fri Apr 23, 2010 6:57 am

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Model: Intimidation-class Star Dreadnought (AKA Executor II-class)

Class: Dreadnought

Manufacturer: IMCDR

Affiliation: The Kicka Empire

Role(s): Advanced support vessel, carrier, command ship

Technical Specifications

Length: 20 kilometers

Targeting System: Generated Motion Disturbance Tracker

Shield System: Core-front Shield Generator

Shields: 100,000 SBD

Hull: 75,000 RU

Crew: 300,000

---Gunners: 2,000

Passengers: 45,000 Troops

Hyperdrive: Class 1 (Backup Class 5 )

Power Plant: Mass Driven Antimatter Reactor

Max Acceleration: 1,300 G

Max Speed: 45 MGLT

Cargo Capacity: 250,000 metric tons

Consumables: 6 years


Turbolaser cannons (2,000, fire-linked in groups of 8)

Super heavy turbolaser cannons (2,000, fire-linked in groups of 8)

Quad Heavy barbette turbolaser Batteries (200)(Fire-Linked in 8?s)

Assault concussion missile tubes (250)

------- 30 missiles each

Heavy ion cannon batteries (1,000)

Tractor beam projectors (40)

Point-defense laser cannons (500)

Mass driver cannons (50)




Tactical Comm Jammer

them Field Generator

Thermal Imaging

Warhead Navigation Jammer

Fighter Compliment:

TIE Interceptor mk. II's (Up to 500)

TIE Bombers (Up to 300)

Ground Force Compliment:

AT-AD's (2)

AT-AT's (40)

AT-SE's (50)

Prefabricated Garrison Bases (3)

The Intimidation-class Star Destroyer, commonly known as the Executor II is the pride of IMCDR heavy engineering. It boasts a far more advanced frame than its predecessor, as well as a heavier armament and war compliment. Like a carrier, this vessel has the capability to deploy anywhere in the Galaxy at any time on the shortest of notice. One kilometer longer than the old Executor-class, this ship holds more room for troops, weapons emplacements, and countermeasures that make it all the more versatile over the old. Its advanced shield system, namely for the bridge are well concealed under reinforced hull spread thoroughly along the ship to avoid destruction at the hands of snub fighters. It possesses a new weapon, mass driver cannons which can fold into the hull and retract at moments notice. The cannon fires a kinetic projectile laced with plasma filters to give it added heat and penetration advantage, making it useful for capital ship-to-capital ship engagements. The projectiles burrow into an enemy's hull, containing either troop pods fitted with specialized shock landing equipment, or explosive ordinance which can be set off remotely, or on a timer. </div>


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[A]Executor II

Post#2 » Fri Apr 23, 2010 8:49 am

Your technology has been approved, congratulations. It can be used from this point on.

-Star Wars: Galaxy staff.

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