[A]Evisceration-Class Prison Ship

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[A]Evisceration-Class Prison Ship

Post#1 » Mon Apr 12, 2010 2:12 am

Production Information

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Model: Evisceration-class Armed Detention Vessel

Class: Mobile Dungeon Ship

Manufacturer: Imperial Shipyards, IMCDR

Affiliation: The Kicka Empire

Role(s): Prison Ship, Scientific Vessel

Technical Specifications

Length: 4,500 Meters

Width: 9,000 Meters

Targeting System: ?Fenrir-drive? Experimental thermal tracker

Shield System: ?Exo-generator? Nuclear shielding system

Shields: 30,000 SBD

Hull: 15,000 RU


5,000 ? Mechanical crew

10,000 ? Prison control personnel


150,000 ? Prisoners

5,000 - Troops

Hyperdrive: Class 1 (Backup Class 8 )

Power Plant: Hypermatter Anihilation Module 2

Max Acceleration: 1,800 G

Max Speed: 50 MGLT

Cargo Capacity: 100,000 Metric Tons

Consumables: 10 years.


Ultra-heavy Turbolaser Cannons ? 6

Point-defense Laser Cannons - 50


Holonet Transceiver, escape pod systems, self destruct.

Fighter Compliment: Two starfighter squadrons

Ground Force Compliment: 50,000 (When in alternate configuration)

The Evisceration-class Armed Detention Vessel was commissioned by Emperor Hadrian Kicka I to act as a mobile prison and extermination vessel to house the majority of the Empire's most dangerous criminals. These men have been to both provisional prisons, work camps, and have now ended up aboard this vessel and are most likely to be executed within months of their transfer. The Evisceration-class numbers at a total of two ships, one of which actually serves as the command ship for the Imperial Military/Civil Development and Research program. The first vessel, however, serves its original purpose.

The craft boasts an extensive network of cells to house an impressive maximum of 150,000 inmates, though the number rarely reaches its full capacity. There is room for 10,000 guards, and a support unit of about 5,000 soldiers. It only requires 5,000 mechanical crew members but can operate at the same capacity with a skeleton crew of as little as 1,500. Each vessel is supported by specially designed fire support ships that almost constantly flank it, and the Evisceration-class has a small hanger system for 2 starfighter squadrons and about 10 shuttles or smaller transports. Its experimental launch system literally conveys the ships onto a large outer deck and catapauts them off, which can be done in bulk to cut down deployment times.

Within the massive prison ship, besides its large prison cell abundance, are several interrogation rooms, execution chambers, and a devious fusion reactor crematorium used to incinerate the bodies of the dead which inmates are actually forced to do themselves. All cells have the dimensions of 4 feet long, three feet wide and are extremely uncomfortable with only a small waste unit and sink, no bunk, and a small transparisteel window at the door. Prisoners tend to succumb to intense claustrophobia and cramming of their joints as there is barely enough room to sit, let alone lie down. Each cell has its own ventilation unit, which can also double as a gas pump to execute any prisoner on a whim.



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[A]Evisceration-Class Prison Ship

Post#2 » Mon Apr 12, 2010 2:29 am

Your technology has been approved, congratulations. It can be used from this point on.

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