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[A]Ranger-class heavy fighter

Post#1 » Sat Feb 13, 2010 5:08 pm

Production Information

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((OOC:Disregard the Soviet symbols))


Ranger-class heavy fighter






KNF (Kefar's Naval Forces)



Anti-capital ship fighter

Technical Specifications


18 Meters

Targeting System:

Modernized targeting computer based on the Neuro-Saav 3K40 Targeting System originally intended to be used on space stations however were modified by K-CO to serve on board fighters, capable of locating and locking onto hostile targets within a very wide range and managing the great array of the Ranger's weaponry.

Shield System:

T-10 shield generator (indigenous production of K-CO, based on the B-Wing's Zr-41 shield generator)


170 SBD


Reinforced durasteel (60 RU)


x1 Pilot

x1 Gunner/Navigator


Aircraft not designed for transportation purposes


Slayn & Korpil HYd-997 hyperdrive motivator (Class 2.0)

Power Plant:

N2I-4 power converter (Modified to fit fighter, reduced power generation from original model as consequence).

I-s3a solar ionization reactor.

Max Acceleration: 2800 G

Max Speed: 80 MGLT | 1050 KM/H (Atmospheric)

Sensor Systems: PA-94 long range phased tachyon detection array, upgraded to detect lightly stealthed or cloaked targets within a given radius of the aircraft.

Cargo Capacity:

90 kilograms


A week


x1 8 barrel light turbolaser cannon

x1 ArMek SW-7a light ion cannon

x2 medium turbolaser cannons

x1 "Scythe" heavy Anti-shipping torpedo

x6 M-2 "Horizon" interceptor missiles, capable of afterlaunch lockon and changing targets during its trajectory as well as a high degree of maneuvering thanks to a installed navigational computer.

x16 AA-00 "Abaddon" anti-aircraft missiles (no lockon or navigational systems, manually aimed and used primarily to send capital ships with downed shields into orbit as debris).


x1 Flare launcher

Z-00 Airborne Jammer located in sidemounted pods, capable of selective jamming or suppressing of communications and radars within a very limited range.

The Ranger was developed in order to serve as Kefar's replacement for its aging fleet of TIE bombers an fighters. K-CO, the largest company on the planet and one that holds a total monopoly on its massive fuel and mineral reserves, was tasked with developing the new-generation spaceship. After a series of competitions, a hefty contract was signed with a Duros engineering company that supplied the schematics for the ship and agreed to develop brand new weapon systems to tailor Kefar's needs. The Ranger's commissioning was delayed countless times by various technical flaws that were constantly being discovered in its designs until it was finally introduced - 20 years later, into service in the Kefarian Navy. The Ranger is hardly a cheap and easy to mass-produce craft however Kefar, being a major exporter of fuel to the whole Galaxy and weaponry to the Hutts and criminal organizations, can afford to spend such a sum on a fighter.

The Ranger sacrifices much of its mobility for the sake of heavy armament and better shields. Its main role in combat is to counter corvettes and frigates as well as enemy bomber aircraft, its relatively heavy build is a major disadvantage in dogfights therefore it is always deployed with a squadron of TIE-fighters to cover it against enemy attacks. Several Ranger-class fighters, accompanied by lighter escort are capable of wrecking heavy havoc upon enemy capital ships if left unchecked. </div>


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[A]Ranger-class heavy fighter

Post#2 » Sun Feb 14, 2010 5:58 am

Your technology has been approved, congratulations. It can be used from this point on.

-Star Wars: Galaxy staff.

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