"The Plot"

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"The Plot"

Post#1 » Sun Aug 24, 2014 3:48 pm

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away....

G A L A X Y - M A P
95 ABY After nearly a decade of War, the galaxy is shattered. The NEW REPUBLIC, IMPERIAL ORDER, and NEW JEDI ORDER once stood as proud symbols of democracy, rigid stability, and justice. Now...from the ashes of war new powers emerge.

The NEW REPUBLIC has prevailed over their sworn enemy, the IMPERIAL ORDER, obliterating their identity definitively. The celebration was bittersweet, as the galaxy underwent a turbulent age of reconstruction. The Republic military lay in shambles as its worlds had become vulnerable.

Years of distrust came to blows between the NEW REPUBLIC and NEW JEDI ORDER, with a military faction abusing the power of its position in hopes of ousting the Jedi whom it perceived as censorious scourges upon their political sovereignty. While the JEDI believed this to be an easily conquerable threat, this separatist faction amassed sufficient force to divide both civilians and militants.

The mysterious assassination of the Supreme Chancellor by lightsaber ushered in CIVIL WAR on the Coruscanti Galactic Capital. Rumours circulated of the Jedi's involvement, and the people rioted against the NEW JEDI ORDER. Feeling cornered, the JEDI declared a state of martial law. In response, certain factions of the Senate attempted to install a provisional government. With few options left, the JEDI ousted the provisional government and took control of the NEW REPUBLIC. The war saw the rise of the JEDI REPUBLIC and the aftermath of several thousand empty corpses.

The SITH ORDER, having laid dormant and cold gathering its strength and having struck disastrous blows to the NEW REPUBLIC and IMPERIAL ORDER during the war, was sated with a peace treaty that relinquished key worlds along Sith space. The SITH are poised to strike again.

THE REPUBLIC REBELS...ORDER OF THE SITH...JEDI REPUBLIC...these are the forces of the galaxy. Your fate is their future.

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"The Plot"

Post#2 » Mon May 01, 2017 8:51 pm

Detailed Overview In 50 ABY, the Galactic Alliance reformed itself into the New Republic behind the renowned and formidable Senator Karia Straden from the world Corellia of the Outer Rim. Up until that point, Corellia was an independent world, but with Senator Straden's election as the last Chief of State of the Galactic Alliance and eventual election as Supreme Chancellor of the New Republic, the separatist Corellians were all but enamoured with the Republic and their benefitting interests which they hoped it'd represent. Chancellor Straden began her term as head of the major galactic government in 49 ABY and it was her who set the galaxy on a course of renewal. Working closely with the Moff Council of the Imperial Remnant, she paved the stepping stones for peace. The Coruscant Concordat was meant to put an end to the escalating tension between the two galactic governments. Indeed, under the leadership of Grand Moff Pollix Yomaros, the Imperial Remnant was able to work closely with the New Republic and build on peace.

Unbeknownst to the galaxy at-large, the long held notion of the demised Sith Order proved to be untrue. Looming over the galaxy like a beast awaiting its prey, the Order orchestrated a series of intertwined events that would set the two dominant galactic powers down an unexpected journey. Chancellor Straden would resign after 12 years and Moff Yomaros would fall ill in 62 ABY. In their separate paths to retirement, they both would work equally diligent in allocating a successor. From Straden came a capable Mon Calamari diplomat by the name of La-Kai Dontin, and, from Yomaros, came Adiara Reth. The new Supreme Chancellor and Grand Moff laboured to maintain the peace of their successors, uniting forces when the Sith threat became a reality. Recognizing that though the Sith's fleets could be destroyed they could never be conquered as an Order, the two galactic powers became resolute in their campaign - using the combined efforts of the Jedi and Imperial Knights - to obliterate the Sith culture.

For a time, the joint assault forces kept the Sith on the run. Consequently, the Republic and the Imperial Remannt became strong allies. It was that this shared perception of brotherhood made the rise of the Imperial-Republic War all the stranger. Gradually, the Imperial Remnant restructured into the Imperial Order, reforming itself along somewhat more democratic lines and welcoming aliens among its military ranks. The Grand Moff worked hard to rid the military and government of hardliners--those termed "New Orderists"--while the Supreme Chancellor assisted however possible.

By the end of 79 ABY, the Sith were vastly diminished in numbers, and galactic civilization seemed to be re-adjusting to the idea of stability. One more battle meant one less day of war...or so the propaganda told them. The Sith's machinations culminated in the souring of relations in early 79 ABY and the outbreak of war by 82 ABY. The deaths of the Surpeme Chancellor and Grand Moff shocked the public, and widespread support was given for military rebuilding and upgrading. The New Republic maintained a vast majority of the resources; the conflict that would become the Imperial-Republic War was more of the New Republic slowly creeping into Imperial Space.

By 94 ABY, the war was coming to a slow end. The New Republic began to show cracks and war weariness; internal power struggles elevated between the Jedi and Republic leadership and public desire for a quick resolution to the decade-long war had been called for time and time again. Supreme Chancellor Elak Aadedai, a human from Anaxes, maintained a staunch pro-war position, demanding absolution from the Republic and launching all their numbers at key enemy worlds and supply lines with the expectation of victory. This was the same Chancellor who would end up with a lightsaber through his chest that would ultimately spark a bitter conflict in a galaxy...far, far away.
"An Empire is never peaceably acquired or maintained. It is willed into existence. We are that will."

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"The Plot"

Post#3 » Mon May 01, 2017 11:47 pm

Timeline 47 ABY
  • Underneath the cover of secrecy, Grand Moff Pollix Yomaros creates the Dark Side Elite, serving as a nod to the Reborn Emperor Palpatine's group of Dark Jedi, which comprises a new Inquisition, several smaller Dark Jedi groups and the classified Imperial Hand program.
49 ABY
  • Corellian Senator Karia Straden is elected as Chief of State of the Galactic Alliance with the objectives of bringing peace and stability to the galaxy..
50 ABY - 62 ABY
  • The Galactic Alliance holds a vote of the Galactic Senate, agreeing to reform into the New Republic with Corellian Senator Karia Straden at the helm. Dominating the majority of votes, Straden succeeds as Supreme Chancellor of the reformed New Republic.
  • Grand Moff Pollix Yomaros, a renowned Grand Moff, works with Chancellor Straden and agrees to the Coruscant Concordat. The Concordat lays the foundation for mutual understanding, fleet and military inspections and a non-aggression agreement to prevent the future outbreak of war.
  • The Galaxy is at a period of relative peace, though several skirmishes occur across regions. Despite the claims of destruction, the Sith Order works in the background under the coveted Dark Lord of the Sith, notoriously known as as The Nameless One.
  • Throughout this period, the Imperial Remnant reforms into the Imperial Order, becoming a more democratic version of itself with locally elected officials. Still, many trappings of the former empire remain, including the Moff Council and the iron-handed Imperial bureaucracy. The Imperial Order's xenophobia is washed away; aliens start to serve in the Imperial government and Imperial military.
  • The Imperial Order purges nearly one hundred thousand "New Orderists" from the ranks of the Imperial military and government, beginning with several prominent Moffs which further solidifies Grand Moff Yomaros' power.
62 ABY - 79 ABY
  • After 12 years, Supreme Chancellor Straden resigns and close colleague Mon Calamari diplomat La-Kai Dontin is elected Supreme Chancellor.
  • After battling various health issues, Grand Moff Yomaros selects a fellow Grand Moff as his successor; Adiara Reth becomes the new leader of the Imperial Order.
  • In spite of the outright denial of the Sith, rumours are reported that those who have been following Sith teachings have sprouted up throughout the galaxy. The Jedi Order and the Imperial Knights relentlessly pursue any mention of the Sith.
79 ABY
  • Sith influences throughout the galaxy target the border worlds of the Imperial Order and the New Republic. The first border skirmish is reported at Ord Mantel the hub of all trading between the Imperial Order and New Republic. What becomes known as the Massacre at Ord Mantell is a series of violent actions by Imperial and Republic populations on the planet, which culminates in a violet conflict aboard the Unifier, a massive civilian space station where nearly one-thousand Imperial and Republic citizens die.
  • Supreme Chancellor La-Kai Dontin is found dead in the Supreme Chancellor's Office; foul play isn't suspected but after the Ord Mantell Massacre a new rising faction in the Galactic Senate is calling for a harsher stance towards the Imperial Order, despite the assurances of Grand Moff Adiara Reth.
  • Xakic Makesa, a Senator from Kuat is elected as the new Supreme Chancellor. He runs on a platform of a harsher stance towards the Imperial Order and "...making them pay for what happened at Ord Mantell."
80 ABY 82 ABY
  • Members of the Moff Council call for a build up of military forces to prepare for a possible invasion of Imperial Space. Grand Moff Reth is assailed from all sides of her Moff Council; she believes that unless she pleases a rising New Order faction, which she believed she had utterly destroyed.
  • Members of the New Order faction stage of pseudo-coup, secretly pushed by the Dark Lord of the Sith known as the Nameless One and force the ruling Grand Moff to submit to their desires.
  • Shortly after submitting to the will of the Moff Council, Grand Moff Reth is found murdered on Bastion the new ruling Grand Moff Wolam Halos orders her body burned and a state funeral ordered; many of her loyalist are murdered throughout the galaxy.
Note: Work in progress
"An Empire is never peaceably acquired or maintained. It is willed into existence. We are that will."

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