Unification: Rules to Balance the Force

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Unification: Rules to Balance the Force

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Foreword: To members: this is to give you breathing room, but most importantly GUIDELINES. A very simple and clear set of rules as to which follow.


The current rules for Force Powers was good for limited force powers to keep balance, however, there is a thing it contradicts the canon information and leaves it flawed. Most Padawans were expected to have a good control of the force (for practical reasons) and know how to use all the Core powers that was the Jedi standard. While on the other hand Sith learned a little bit from everywhere and did not always start at the basics since Sith lacked rules. Among that the 4 main power limit did not hold diversity and option to it, and would allow very weak potential Knights (ages on common 18 and up) or overpowered Younglings (ages 8 and under).

So I devised a system of balance that could be tweaked if so needed. Because everyone understands and respects (at least should) the balance of Rules.

To be started we need our cement and what I call the foundation. The Foundation are our core powers. The core powers should be displayed as the obvious -

Force Speed
Force Concealment
Force Sense
Force Telepathy
Force Telekinesis

These would be the 5 at their weakest forms without any of their sub-powers which would be learned later by the learner. This is what the common generic Jedi/Sith would know by its very basic reference at the age of 9 or older before adulthood.

Now each faction of Force-user is different and will be given their pro's and cons. So from here on will be the generic templates and their options.

Force Factions[/color]

This are the rules for Force Factions who have special trainings, and in the future can be added to as other factions are different. Later factions like Jensaarai or factions made within the story will be added with their own unique buffs and drawbacks for beginners.

Future Factions Rules to be added: Jensaarai, Matukai, Jal Shey, Krath, Potentium, Banda Gora, Inquisitorious... etc.


A Jedi was a member of the Jedi Order, which studied, served and used the mystical energies of the Force; more specifically, the light side of the Force. The Jedi fought for peace and justice in the Galactic Republic/Galactic Alliance.


The Sith were the most infamous of all dark side religions, and the members of the cult were often seen as the pinnacle of power within the dark side. Throughout their long history, the Sith commanded several Empires and initiated many galactic wars.

_Starter Rules_

- Younglings (ages 8 and below): Younglings will most likely be very minor in training. and depending on their age from training they will have varied skill levels.
  • 5 year old Younglings know one weak and one untrained Core Power.
  • 6 year old Younglings know two weak and one untrained Core Power.
  • 7 year old Younglings know three weak and one untrained Core Power.
  • 8 year old Younglings know four weak and one untrained Core Power.
- Padawan (ages 9 to 23): All core powers set above are allowed for Padawans at weak levels except two select powers that could be moderate strength. Then the Jedi would have to learn other powers themselves from Master or Holocrons. This is representative of the studious path of a Jedi and their stoic presence of enlightenment.

_Starter Rules_

- Acolyte (ages 8 and below): Young Acolytes and students from a young age are taught to gain the most they ever can at one point for self. That greed gives them the boasting potential with their training.
  • 5 year old Acolytes know one weak Core Power.
  • 6 year old Acolytes know two weak Core Power.
  • 7 year old Acolytes know three weak Core Power and one weak Darkside Power.
  • 8 year old Acolytes know four weak Core Power and one weak Darkside Power.
- Apprentice (ages 9 to 23): Apprentices are allowed all core to but will be weak and an additional weak darkside power free of their choosing. They don't get the choice of upping their level from the start. However they don't necessarily stick to the core and can sacrifice 2 core for a darkside power like Shock (and other versions of weak Dark Side powers.) This little feat is only relative to dark side powers and not universal powers and exempt of light. Used at its fullest they would have 4 weak force powers rather than the 5 standard (or in their case 6 because of the free darkside power). It is the price they pay for being spendthrift and relatively power mongering.

The Naturals[/color]

There are however other Force-users that don't choose groups. Well they have a place. These people are known as Naturals. The Naturally self trained or Master-less. Among the natural type is the most common being the Adepts.


This is simple since all Adepts are similar being that they are the wild cards. The Sorcerers compared to the Wizards. Able to obtain much more earlier but with restrictions when they start while Wizards had their repitoir, in long run without pushing in common they were relatively weaker than the trained.

Lightside Adepts[/color]
_Starter Rules_

- Lightside Novice (ages 8 and below): The Novice through their life is a budding or latent user of the Force. The Lightside user can touch the lightside of the force in ways that could not be touched by other force users like Jedi Younglings due to their natural abilities. Thus a Novice will know only two weak powers from the Core and Lightside lists.

- Lightside Adept (ages 9 to 23): The idea of the Lightside Adept is that they are natural practitioners of the lightside of the force. Thus they are self trained and limited to learning resources. The Lightside adept knows 3 Powers from the Core to the Lightside with one of these powers being leveled at Moderate with the rest weak.

Force Adepts[/color]
_Starter Rules_

- Force Novice (ages 8 and below): The Force Novice is one with a balanced understanding of the Universe and act ambiguously so. Though they walk on a tight rope through life whether it be Light or Dark side tugging at their moral heart strings. However it benefits allowing them from young ages knowing 2 weak powers from the core and Universal Lists.

- Force Adept (ages 9 to 23): The neutral Adepts are not Gray since there is no gray line in the force. It is pretty black and white in that respect unless you count Death when all thing unify with the force despite side and pass onto the Netherworld. They have yet to choose a cause for light or dark. These are the naturally vague and ambiguous force users. Like the lightside adept they get only 3 Powers, but their selection is from the core and the universal with one of the three being a moderate and the rest weak. However, Force Adepts when they choose to learn a force power from the Lightside or Darkside pools will have chosen an alignment and would be switched to one of the other adept groups (being Lightside or Darkside).

Darkside Adepts[/color]
_Starter Rules_

- Darkside Novice (ages 8 and below): Having grown into the heart of the darkside itself these children latched onto its power like they would their mothers teat. The seducing power would at young ages give them power beyond others of their age. A Novice would learn naturally two weak powers from the Core or Darkside branches.

- Darkside Adept (ages 9 to 23): The Adepts of Darkness who gave into temptation and the quickness of it's power. As such they grew through the seediest underbellies and darkest traverses. The Dark Side Adepts are the pinnacle of self sufficiency and instinctual power. So 3 powers of the Core to the Darkside pool with one moderate and the rest weak.

_Starter Rules_

- Potentium Novice (ages 8 and below): A Potentium Novice has begun the path to becoming a follower of the Potentium ways. The Potentium views that the Force is good overall and no true Dark Side exists but only the intent to do something dark using the force exists. A Potentium Novice would be trained in at least one core power at weak and two other powers either core, light or dark.

- Potentium Apprentice (ages 9 to 23): After learning more and more about the philosophy of the Potentium the Potentium Apprentice would be more focused on using the force as a tool and not worrying about Order standing or tenants of restrictions. A Potentium Apprentice would walk a tight rope on falling to the Dark Side entirely if they persisted to use their emotions and their powers for their own reasons. A Potentium Apprentice would be skilled with at least one core power at moderate and either a dark or light power at moderate and weak.

Masters of the Force[/color]

Ranks and levels higher than the starter levels of those given are hard to really manage due to after any force users apprenticeship that they will explore and take individual and personal roads to becoming possible Masters. What does this mean for us then? Simply means when accepting bios of higher ranks we must make a moral assessment in regulation to the Site and its standard. It is painfully obvious when a character is over powered, so we must take initiative to call people on their poor choices, for they will not learn any other way.

It has also come to notice that not everyone has a clear concept of what a Master of the Force is. Through SW Masters of the Force are not those who possess great amazing power to topple cities with raw strength of their will. While astounding and rare that is not a Master, and to actual Masters whether they be Jedi or Sith they are considered Amateur.

Masters are those who devoted their time to training and honing subtleties of the Force to gain a greater control and/or understanding of it. The real deciding factors on true Masters of the Force is not their strength within it (for it varies) it is how one uses or does not use the Force that garners them the respect and prestige as a True Master.

This being so a Character could not possibly be an expert or master all the abilities they know. That is not realistic to the world that the Force and its inhabitants are relative to. So a Master must work hard for what they get and in the end must have probable reason and purpose. There is no Just because.

The Force[/color]

Ah the mystifying energy that surrounds us, penetrates us, and binds us. No children I am not speaking about a raunchy weekend at a BDSM club. I am speaking of the Force, the reason for SW's many famous and infamous conflicts. An energy that is impartial to the world and communicates symbiotically with the world creating life and life creating it.

Some people have a hard time understanding the Force in its simplest because it tends to be so simple it causes problems and ceases to make sense in realistic problems. As to Canon by George Lucas the Force Dark and Light, Black and White. However logically there is always a line of gray, so their must be a Gray area.

However in itself the Force itself Is a gray pool of Energy unwavering existing for the sole reason of existing to grow and propagate. The Force exists as is and away from everything neutral to its own. The Force does not in this world have an opposition unless it is the stark contrast of existence.

So does this mean there is a Gray Side to the Force? Answer is No, not within it there is not an attainable gray area.

Why is this? Well simply inside it the Force holds much life, and most importantly to it are its movers and shakers. Sentient Lifeforms are gifted with the Midichlorians which are the Force's little micro-organize love babies injected into you through conception. You and those love babies show a close tight nit relationship which allows you to touch the Force. Not only that, but also influence or control it to great extents. In the end Sentient beings are conflicted with the sense of Morality which is their/our guidance to the Good and Bad decisions. Thus drawing from that with any action one pulls from too contrasting poles Light and Darkness.

Well that is not a good enough reason, so I will explain further. There cannot exist a gray side within the Force when the Force is a Fusion of those sides itself, and is a mix that we cannot decipher because we are simply lower than it. We become victims to our primitiveness. We are not pure impartial energy, and thus cannot handle the true Gray for we are not unified beings. While every now and again there are situations of moral gray those are situations that will either enforce or encroach upon the persons path depending on their choice.

Another reasons is that the Light Side of the Force holds no temptation and is a safe area of the Force that is intended to harm, however the Dark Side is the Force's version of Heroine and is corrupting agent that without being kept in check will take anyone down. However everyone knows what is the use of it if you have to keep it in check every time, and sadly there is hardly none. The Canon has shown very few men and women who could toe between Light and Darkness without inevitably falling. No matter how strong or how wise the Forceuser the use of Darkness feeds temptation to use and use again. It does not matter how good the motive in the end you used a source of corruption and corrupted however so slightly that act of good. It cannot be justified what soever because good intentions can make the evilest of men. Even Luke, Anakin, Jacen Solo sought balance, but they could not achieve it and it ended up destroying two of them and Luke nearly got away with his life.

So verdict is no there is not an attainable Gray. I support that Idea because it allows you to think how will the character act accordingly to this. Will he risk darkness to do what he feels is personally right or sacrifice it for a reason he knows is the stoic and devoted one. Or if you are evil will you sacrifice sought after power, for someone you care for? It is a battle of choice, and that is what makes an RP and story are those hard choices.

Now to what the Force really is. The Dark and Light is all apart of the Lesser Force both the Living and Unifying aspects. It is a conduit that creates and feeds off of all living things. This is what takes care of all the situations set in the present and is involved with the whole universe on a very intimate level and is subject to follow the Greater Force. The Greater Force is the Force that controls the Cosmic and Celestial Destinies. The source to all things divining past and future and peoples roles in it, and the magical divining rod of balance.

The Cycle of Greater and Lesser is a circle that never ends and is within itself with the goal to exist to keep the others existence. Since the Force has no real equal enemy then nonexistence, or the Anti-Force (which does not have enough information to hold current importance.) it is a confined Shield Universe. The Greater Force is the sphere in which all creation and life exists amidst a realm and pool of chaotic nothingness. This is the simplest I can define it without making brains explode with other ideas about Quantum Theory and Layered Dimensions and what not. All you need to know is the Force's purpose to bring balance to itself and maintain its reality. Immediate balance is destructive to this world and would destroy it because once implemented it would grow stagnant and die. It needs the constant motion of the polar shifts within itself to exist. It is an Oscillating Pendulum that shifts carefully back and forth to keep things moving, but bringing long term balance to the worlds very being.

Now balance of the Force is that not what Anakin Skywalker did as the Chosen One of the force? In a sense for that face yes he tipped the scales. By going to the Dark Side he tilted the balance into it's favor and turned the world to darkness. However by transition as the world went to a pit he killed Sidious and resolved his Destiny as the Chosen One with his own death. However that role was burdened with his family as they all held the same potential as he. Luke was just as powerful as Anakin was before he became Vader. However before Anakin's birth the Galaxy has always had their Unsung Chosen ones. I feel this would be a subtle truth that the Chosen to bring balance are of bloodlines of Heroes such as the Sunriders or Qel-Droma's. Whatever it be the Galaxy always had the one to bring true balance. The one to pull off what Anakin did thousands of years before him was Revan. He brought the Galaxy into fear with the Sith then Saved it with the light. Jacen Solo recently went Sith but became so much of a singular threat that the entire galaxy united against him and he brought balance.

The Force will always need to be unbalanced. It will almost always be the heroes that will dip it into its darkest descents and then in some form bring it back full round to prosperity. It is a constant flow of things and this is how the Force works as a vessel creation and change.

Well I hope this has been a helpful guide of advice and knowledge. Now please all members work together to make this site one of story and innovation. We are all a family in this and we must help each other move along.

Much love,


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