How To: Advertise & Affiliate

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How To: Advertise & Affiliate

Post#1 » Fri Aug 29, 2014 10:31 am

Well, aren't you a scruffy-looking, two-faced nerf herder? What pomposity to think you can just run into these parts and take control by planting a piece of your property (aka "ads") on our lands! You know what we're going to do about that?! Why, post right back on your forum, of course! If we have not done so already, that is. Welcome, friends across the internet! Glad to see you here. Star Wars: Galaxy is just as interested in establishing long-lasting ties with our neighbours (both Star Wars boards and other genres) as we're sure you are.

If this is the first time you've seen our site and we've not yet had the chance of making a first impression (in other words, a post) on yours, feel free to make your site known here.

If we've been granted the privilege of being accepted on your board already, we wouldn't dare to not return it! Let us know your interested in keeping this site-to-site relationship going by clicking HERE!

Now, there are those special boards that feel the need to have their signage plastered against our sacred walls. Do you know how much we pay our janitors to clean them?!?....Well, screw it. Forget the walls! As long as our pip/affiliate banner (see bottom of forum) is on your site the time you post your affiliate request, we'll gladly put yours on ours! Don't be afraid to click the button. You know you want to take that extra mile!

If we haven't provided clear enough instructions, please contact a member of the SW:G Community Team, whether by way of Private Messaging (PM) or a simple shout out in the Cbox (located to your left). We are truly friendly people. Don't let our player base tell ya otherwise! (Jokes, by the way! We love them as much as they love us!)

Stay Frosty,

~ SW:G Community Team

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