A Silver Storm: A Personified Modern Retelling of Fairytales

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A Silver Storm: A Personified Modern Retelling of Fairytales

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Someone holds me safe and warm, horses prance through a silver storm

Although it seems normal, living a regular life in the busy city of Manchester, England in the year 2017, there's more to the simple life than meets the eye. People go about their business from day to day, time passing by as it would in any city anywhere in the world. However, thousands of these citizens come with an entirely new kind of history in their heads, one they fail to remember. Gods walk as ordinary folk, born again without memories and without powers. Men and women with years of fairytales and folklore trapped in their minds without even realizing who they are. Slowly, one by one, they each begin to recollect some things from their previous lives, develop skills, even powers, they didn't have before. But with a cost...

A Silver Storm is a personification roleplay set in present day Manchester, England, following the lives of reincarnated characters from animated films, fairytales, mythology and other literature. However, their new lives are threatened when Cronus crypt is uncovered in an archaeological dig and decides to reclaim his throne by cutting time with his scythe causing the threads of history to re-stitch themselves, altering the past lives and happily ever afters of characters we all know…

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