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[Ziost] Sith Convocation

Post#1 » Mon Jul 11, 2016 5:45 am

The chamber was darkened, the torches were lit, and the cave-like environment was as cold as the hearts of those gathered. The followers of the Dark Side had been summoned to a single location. "Discussion" was the popular choice of terminology. Hah, discussion. Was that even a thing within a body of self-centered, egotistical individuals? A discussion required the ability to listen, and, true enough, that was the last thing most Sith Lords were inclined to do.

The spiritual emptiness of the room was warmed only by the possibility of hope - in the form of the Dark Lord of the Sith. More notoriously known as "The Faceless One", as none had ever seen his face (nor was there a name to put to a face), he was largely a mystery. Nevertheless, his power was said to be untamed, unmatched and boundless. Most Lords might have seen that as an interesting challenge - an individual that could oppose their own strength - but the Faceless One, in fact, inspired a certain amount of loyalty. The Sith had always believed that strength wrought power, and power wrought strength. In the eyes of many Sith, The Faceless One was akin to a god whose influence relied on their individual illusions of supremacy. A suppressed - but real - feeling that such illusions could be quickly stripped down by the apparent omnipresence of the Dark Lord was all that was needed to reinforce this spirit of unity that brought these Dark Side adherents around one table.

At the far back of the room, out of anyone's way, an iron seat rested upon a dais. Iron, perhaps, to symbolize the steeled nature of the Sith. There were three figures standing on the dais; one masked, one hooded and the other in between both, hands and knees to the ground - unmasked, hood removed and cloth stricken. The third individual was obviously not one whom enjoyed the favour of the dark throne flanking him. On the contrary, he appeared to have fallen out of favour.

"Silence," rang the commanding voice of Darth Cypher. The tapping of his staff against the stoned ground resonated throughout the hall. "See, now, the last of the Sith of old." Nodding to the Sith Hand, his red blade illuminated the darkness. Ever so delicately the lightsaber hovered over the knelt Sith Lord's head. Sweat drenched from the man's neck, knowing his fate was sealed. Observing the curious faces of his brethren, he grinned slyly. Cypher closed his fist. The blade crashed to the ground. The deed was done. Now laying some feet away from the dais was a decapitated head. "This disgraced Sith Lord deserves no remorse. She was weak. Naive. She believed in the old ways of excommunicating the Sith and exalting the individual. There is no One. There is Us. You would all do well not to fall into the same simple-mindedness of this fallen warrior."

His Dathomirian violet eyes flickered upon the many ranks of Sith assembled, for this unusual convention of mind and strength. "My name is Cypher, Voice of the Dark Lord. Should you need his support, you come to me. Should you need his counsel, you come to me. Should you need his strength, it is I whom you see. The Faceless One attends to many matters, and in this greater battle of darkness versus light, we must all sacrifice."

"You are here because The Faceless One has need of you. And deep down inside, you have need of him. Power in our galaxy has shifted. The Jedi have toppled the Republic...and a pitiful rebellion is forming to their rear. That should keep them preoccupied, giving us sufficient time to engage the worlds in surrounding systems. Their options are simple; join us or perish. Joining us gives them dominance and a unique position of authority that they otherwise would not have. By having followers, rather than slaughtering them, the Dark Side gains further adherents. When the Dark Side is strong, the Sith are strong. The Dark Lord is strong. You, my brethren, are strong. Disunity is no longer an option. Now's the time to stand together and take this galaxy for each of us, for the prevalence of the Dark Side. The Dark Lord believes in all of you. He shall put his full strength behind this cause, and expects each of you to follow suit." Pausing, Cypher observed the emotional responses of the Sith Lords. In truth, the Dark Lord could not accomplish his goals without their cooperation. Their inability to see his vision would inevitably lead to the downfall of the Sith, for if the Sith could no sustain themselves, then they could not sustain an empire.

"The Dark Lord requires a Sith Council. As of this day, all Lords are members of the Council of Sith Lords. You will answer when called upon. You will rule over systems as necessary. You will carry the brunt of the power of the Sith, and, through you, we will forge an insurmountable cloud of darkness. Our time is now...brothers, sisters, children. Do not waste it. Which of you stand with Us, with your own kind...the Sith?"

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[Ziost] Sith Convocation

Post#2 » Tue Jul 12, 2016 12:33 am

Vincent Alvers stood erect and at parade-rest by one of the entrances to the massive hall where the Sith had all assembled for the proclamation. While he was, of course, being attentive to the announcement, he was also being attentive to his duty. His eyes wandered through the large crowd of the assembled, keeping his keen gaze sharp for any signs of trouble or dissidence as the Sith began to cheer, vowing their loyalty. There were limits to actions he could react to, of course; many of the Sith present could cut him down in half a second. But he could observe.

Observe and report.

A few yards away from where Vincent stood at attention, Antonia was watching the presentation by Lord Cypher. Like the other non-Force Sensitives, she was near the outskirts of the crowd, nearer the walls and the rear of the room. She, personally, was none too fond of the idea of a Council. The last thing she needed was a large group of bickering, squabbling egomaniacs trying to micromanage her decisions when she was off of Ziost trying to do her job. However, when the cheers of loyalty and fanaticism began to work their way out of the front and center of the assembled masses, she did her due diligence and rose her arms and voice, praising The Faceless One with the rest.

On the opposite side of the room, Charles Alvers stood in a row of other ship jockeys. He was grinning ear to ear, loving the energy of the place. He lifted both of his arms and whooped as everyone began rising up to support the new Sith Council. He was looking forward tot his! With a new sense of purpose and vigor to the all of the Sith, Charles knew he was gonna be sent out more to help achieve the Sith goals.

Towards the center of the crowd, well back from the front, was the young Quentin. Unlike the rest of his family, he was standing among the Force Sensitives. Like most of his family, though, he was quite excited about this idea of a Sith Council. He rose his arm with the others when the call for loyalty was given and cheered the Dark Lord's title with the rest around him.

A few rows in front of Quention, a tall Talortai stood silently, gently rubbing his fingers together in thought. Not a Lord, the news did not really matter to Hasufel. He was impatient at this meeting, wanting to return to the prisoner he had slowly bleeding in the dungeons.

Right up front, staring straight at the throne, the warrior Turin was silently raising his fist in a salute. His grim countenance did not change from the execution to the announcement. He was just seething. Biding his time until he, too, would be on this Council. Once it was formed, he would be the first of his brethren to fulfill the Council's bidding and prove his worth.

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[Ziost] Sith Convocation

Post#3 » Sat Jul 23, 2016 9:17 pm

Aeaolen had been lured by the call of the Dark Side, it was inevitable. The Galactic Empire had crashed down in flames and had remained hidden throughout their few bases throughout the galaxy. Aeaolen followed the call, perhaps it was time for him to join the Sith and make a name for himself elsewhere outside of the Empire. Aeaolen faded into relative obscurity since the disastrous battles that saw the death of the Empire that he helped crush, he did not care nor did he personally want to see the Empire survive. If the Empire could not survive, then it was not meant to survive at all. Ziost was once a lost planet within Sith Space, it was a planet shrouded in darkness as many other planets in Sith Space were, but Ziost was a special darkness and was home to a great deal of many Sith adventures.

Aeaolen began his journey aboard his personal flagship the Bellator-class Star Crusier Palatine to Sith Space and took careful precautions to not be caught...which was much more simple than it sounds as the collapse of the New Republic into two warring factions made things a whole lot harder to track. The galaxy was somewhat chaotic and Aeaolen personally reveled in such chaos, it was fun to him, it was something to build up, to restore some sense of order would be pleasurable but to then tear it down...it would be even more pleasurable. Aeaolen had made his journey to the Ziost from his own personal base on Wayland, a lost planet that Aeaolen had taken an interest in following the collapse of the Imperial Order.

Aeaolen reached Ziost and made his way to the main temple where masses of Siths, or want to be Siths, had gathered and watched as a man was executed before them. Aeaolen, arms folded and cloaked in a dark robe, watched as the man spoke. The presence of several powerful men and women touched him, he stood vigilant, as the galaxy had not seen the likes of a unified Sith nor the guardian known as Aeaolen Kicka.
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