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[ABD] Kuruoshiki Oni

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http://www.videogamereviewerkid.com/wp- ... kuma11.jpg
Kuruoshiki Oni "Are you willing to do what is necessary to win?"" Character Information NAME: Kuruoshiki Oni
--ALIAS: Lord Oni / Oni Lord
--GENDER: Male
--AGE: 450 Galactic Standard years
The Background Strengths:
= No Fear
= Alpha Predator
= Unwavering Focus

= No Fear
= Addiction to the "Soup"
= Complete Sociopath

Despite his background, skills, and various knowledges, he is quite calm and slow to anger. He is quite patient in all aspects. He has a calm persona. His calmness is only matched by his seriousness and his focus. He is serious in all that he does. He doesn't joke or "cuts up". He understands the jokes but it said that he was born without humor. He can be relaxed, but the humor is severely lacking. His focus, can cut most metals. Once his anger does come to the surface it is totally destructive in almost all areas.

His birth and youth were uneventful by his standards. He was born five of five on the Anzat home world of blah. He has two older sisters and two older brothers. His primary and secondary education where all public schools and his home life was uneventful. Around adolescence he noticed he had remarkable ability to push himself harder and further than most other youth from his district. His martial training also started during secondary school. He went on to win various awards in various martial arts competitions within his region. After he finished his undergraduate degree in Xenobiology, he continued with his martial training and enlisted in the local military on his home planet. Where he received a serious amount training in stealth and various methods of killing people. He went through basic and his specialization courses and passed with flying colors. His area of expertise was that of infantry and small group tactics.

After a few years of that he was in his early thirties and went and got commissioned as an Officer in the Galactic Republic Army where he went to the various jump schools, advanced pathfinder, and various commando schools. He also was able to train on various heavy weapons and sniper school. He went through his first few tours. Got "Retooled" as they called it. But it was a switch of job in the military. To that of a pilot. His reasoning for going to all the different schools and getting the additional job in the military, was simple for him. So that he could become a better killer regardless of gender, species or method of killing the other. He wanted that training in damn near every weapon out there and available to most military's across the Galaxy, so that he could kill with it. Regardless if it was with a starship, ranged weapon (regardless of style), and melee weapon (regardless of style). And he received that training from people who had at least a serious proficiently in these areas and tasks with some serious experience. After he got out of the Galactic Republic Army he went on to put his skills to actual usage.

So he sold his particular skills to the highest bidder. With only three request per assignment, which where

1. 500 Galactic pounds of Nova Crystals per kill.
2. Tell him everything and don't lie or it will terminate the contract.
3. No children and no sentient beings below legal age.

He spend the next one hundred years crisscrossing various parts of the Galaxy as a whole. He was offered a position with the Bounty Hunters Guild. But never formally accepted or denied it. He didn't see the point in the various rules. During this time he hunted and killed a few hundred thousand persons of various species, genders, and ages. But no children. He has seen and been to many parts of the Galaxy.

He now has collected over a hundred thousand bounties and plans on starting up his own Sith Order. During this time he has made a serious number of Underworld contacts that he plans on putting to great use.

The Appearance Face Claim: Akuma
Scars cover his torso, and upper parts of all for extremities. They vary in size, length and depth. Some are self inflicted. Some are due to surgery without anesthesia. Some are due too injuries that are resulted from battle and training. Injuries that he has since fully healed from. He has a medium build with medium length crimson hair with a few lines of early greying. He has no physical deformities or mental ones. He has no genetic deformities that would cause any abnormalities any where.
The Faction Faction: The New Sith Bakufu
--Branch: Sith Lord
--Rank: Dark Lord of the Sith

The Force Force-Sensitive? Yes
Force Powers:
Core: Intermediate
Telepathy: Expert
Force Choke: Intermediate
Tutaminis: Expert
Force Drain: Intermediate
Force Fear: Intermediate
Force Crush: Expert
Force Lighting: Intermediate
Force Repulse: Novice
Force Destruction: Novice


He had spent time at a number of various Sith Temples getting his basic knowledge of the Sith Order. He spent a number of years on Ziost and Korriban gaining knowledge of the Sith perspective and how they did things. He quickly gained the rank of Sith Acolyte and become a Sith Knight. It was at that point in time that he left the physical confines of the Sith Order and wondered the Galaxy actively using his new set of skills on daily basis.

He has spent the last 100 years actively hunting various bounties across the Galaxy using only his lightsaber and the Force. He has collect over one thousand bounties of various types and amounts during this time. A list of bounties could be rendered. Before that he had received various training in other methods of killing targets by both his home planet's military and the GA military specifically in the areas of Infantry and Special Operations Procedures.
Lightsaber Form(s)/Style(s):
Form 1: Expert
Form 2: Intermediate

Other Info Animal(s): None
Weapon(s): Lightsaber (1, crimson)
Equipment: A few items
Ship:YT 1250 The Lost Soul
Droids: None
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Kuruoshiki Oni

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I'm unsure if we should take some of this profile seriously or not, so indulge me. Overall, it's well on its way.

Species - The Anzat species is a concern of the Staff Team, as it is open to abuse. We were looking it over when reviewing a number of other potentially abused species. If we allow this, you'll need to use Oni wisely and keep him limited.

Strengths - These aren't supported by your species. Suggested strengths, as noted by the wookie on your species, include "exceptional might", "natural predator", and "highly-developed sensory organs".

Weaknesses - 'No or little regard for others' isn't exactly Oni's weakness. A personal conviction, perhaps, but that's just an unfortunate circumstance for others.

Background - An excerpt from the wookipedia:
A common misconception among those who studied tales of the Anzati was that they were hyper-developed scholars, experts in fields of knowledge and craft long since forgotten by younger species. While Anzati could remember things that happened centuries earlier, they had little or no interest in pursuing mastery of any given area of expertise or knowledge—other than feeding. To the Anzati, the important skills to pass on to their offspring were the arts of stealth and the kill; everything else was just amusing diversion, hardly worth the effort of committing to memory.
Oni would have very little to no interest in education. His only desire, according to the description of his species, would be the hunt and passing on skills of stealth and other qualities that can benefit the hunt. That's my only concern.

Faction - A new faction requires a minimum of 3 unique writers with contributing characters. I suggest you simply strive to create a splinter group within the existing Sith Order and build from that. Alternatively, you can work to support one of the dark lords and strive to overcome them when you feel the time is right. We do have a high number of dark lords, as it is.

Force Powers - None can be mastered. That must be earned through training and character development in RP. I'll allow two experted powers max, and the rest can be intermediate, etc. Force Fear and Force Destruction, particularly, I'd like you to work on through dev threads.

Training - Please fill this out. Your training up this point should be supported by your background.

Lightsaber Forms - Are these supposed to correlate with the 7 lightsaber forms? Is there any reason you opted to number them instead of actually naming each form (doesn't matter, but numbering would suggest that one didn't give much thought to the complexity and relevance of each form)? Other than that - 2 forms max. No mastered forms. One can be expert, the other intermediate or lower.

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Kuruoshiki Oni

Post#3 » Thu Feb 18, 2016 3:03 am

[1/2] Approved, with the modifications!

Remember, your ship requires a production thread in The Forge.

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Kuruoshiki Oni

Post#4 » Fri Feb 19, 2016 7:28 am

When it gets "Officially" approved, I'll throw one up...........

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[A]Kuruoshiki Oni

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Image Thank you for your submission and as a witty Sith Lord once said:
Palpatine: I expect your best service.
Mace Windu: For the Order and the Republic, I will give anything and everything, including my life.
Palpatine: Good, we may need that, too.
Enjoy. By the way, try not to kill all the Jedi; we need some light in this world.

Thank You,
SW:G Community Team

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