Call of the Dark side

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Call of the Dark side

Post#1 » Mon Sep 15, 2014 2:16 am

It had been a long time since Genevieve had stepped foot on such a dark planet. Not since the Sith-Federation war which devastated many and the planet side itself. The echo of the dead cried with step Genevieve made in the cold red sand. The smell of ash and brimstone was still freshly emitted from the crumbling buildings and glassed shards of grounds which littered the area. Oh the Duchess remembered this well. Afterall, she was here during it's final destruction. The overwhelming power of the Dark side made ghostly scenes appear clear as day to her. A punishment for her treachery against the Sith Order almost a decade ago. Faded apparitions of long dead Federation soldiers clashing with Sith warriors appeared all around the Duchess much to her reminiscing delight. Transparent shells raining down from capital ships pelted the ground in the distance. But the most astonishing was that she could see herself, a much younger self, striking the head of a Sith master clean off. The ghostly head rolled infront of her actual self's feet. Genevieve could only scoff as she stepped on it which made the head fade away to reveal a half buried skull deep in the sand.

Facing upwards, she sight of a blackened temple riddled with shelled holes came into view. "There Kali. Thats where we're headed. That is where you'll further your training into the dark side." She said in a eerie voice which make a normal man quiver. Approaching the entrance to the temple, it was blocked by a stone slab covered in ancient Sith hieroglyphics. Ah, the Duchess remembered this place well. It was like a second home for her. She was cast into the dark. It molded her into the twisted being Kali saw before him. Now it would be his turn. Placing her hand on the center of the stone slab, Genevieve spoke an ancient and indecipherable incantation which caused the stone to rumble. As the slab moved out of a place, a cold rush of dark wind erupted from the entrance followed by an ear shattering scream. Turning back to her apprentice, she gave him a solemn look. "You will go alone. Prepare yourself for anything. Trust nothing...." She trailed off allowing her sick and twisted grin to reveal itself. "Welcome to my master's tomb.." </div>


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