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[ARC-S]Sith Missions

Post#1 » Wed Aug 14, 2013 1:37 pm

<div align=center>Rallying the Order</div>

Description: There are bound to be other Sith that escaped the Slaughter, they must be found if we are to one day return to our former glory!

Main Objective: Find the members of the Old Sith and convince them to join our cause.

Status: Ongoing/Open

Characters Involved: Rashos, (any may try)

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<div align=center>Taking Back Whats Ours</div>

Description: When our worlds were razed, we lost countless precious artifacts. Relics of our past, tomes and scrolls with our history. Looted and lost to us. No more. Find these ancient items, be they in some musty tomb or an aristocrats personal vault, and bring them back to us. Your Dark Lord expects any and all finds to be publicized. Failure to do so will result in... consequences.

Main Objective: Find Sith relics wherever they may be stored.

Status: Open

Characters Involved: None

*Due to the nature of this mission, it can be done several times (within reason)

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<div align=center>The Shadow Spreads...</div>

Description: The Galaxy thinks we are dead. We must use this anonymity while it lasts. You are tasked with bringing others to our cause. Mercenaries, Crime Lords, Hackers, Spies, Diplomats, any and all that could be turned to our cause and allow us to further spread. For the more 'upper class' individuals, Lord Phyr will provide a stipend to better allow you to blend in or persuade, if thats the route you choose to take. Do NOT bring undue attention to the Order, if your contact fails to aide us, and knows we exist, silence them.

Main Objective: Make connections that aide the Order.

Status: Open

Characters Involved: None

*Due to the nature of this mission, it can be done several times (within reason)

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[ARC-S]Sith Missions

Post#2 » Mon May 05, 2014 5:23 am

Your Sith roleplay is either inactive or has been completed and will be moved to the Sith Secrets archive. If you wish to reopen the topic and continue on with your role-play, please contact a staff member.

We appreciate your cooperation.

Thank You,

~ SW:G Community Team </div>


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