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[A] Ghinn Rast

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Ghinn Rast Image "The greatest victory is when your opponent thanks you for cutting their throat"[/size]
Personal Info Name: Ghinn Rast
--Alias: N/A

Age: 62
Gender: Male

Species: Human
Homeworld: Mandalore
Current Location: Mandalore (Travels a lot)

Height: 6'2"
Weight: 195 lbs
Eyes: Green
Hair: Short cropped grey hair
Skin: Human Caucasian

Faction: Fringe (Loyal Mandalorian but offers his services as an intermediary diplomat between third party factions.

--Rank: Diplomat
--Clan (if applicable): Clan Detta

Occupation: Ghinn Rast is a professional diplomat
Background Face Claim: Charles Dance

Appearance: Ghinn is a man that almost anyone would instantly describe as with a stick up his ass. He stands tall and erect in excellent posture, and has a way of tilting his head that often seems he is looking down his nose at whomever he is speaking with, even if they are superior to him or even physically taller. His demeanor is that of a man who knows where he is and what he is doing at all times, and he moves with a military-like grace, each step being purposeful and not just a random placement of his own feet.

He prefers to wear darker neutral colors; dark grays, shades of black, forest green and deep blues. His garments are all rather the same; simple looking robes of an upper-mid tier politician, though they are usually either worn over a suit of beskar armor, or built with beskar plates sewn into them. Despite what some may say about a "politician", he is still a Mandolorian.

Strengths: Patient, fluent in several languages, undauntable, analytical, tactful
Weaknesses: Smug, arrogant, dispassionate, old, slow to act

Personality: Ghinn is loyal to Mandalore first and foremost. He entered politics help his brothers by fighting for them in a wholly different arena. His pride shows when he speaks to others, only ever showing a bit of humility when speaking with a superior or when trying to manipulate others. He is strictly professional at all times. Even when he "unwinds" to lure others into a more relaxing state, he does so without losing his sense of his goals.

History: Ghinn was born on Mandalore to Boru and Nix Rast. His mother was an armorsmith and his father was a soldier, but neither were professions that the young Ghinn took too with great ease. He tried them both, and he trained hard, but neither seemed a good fit for him.

He was a soldier for a few years in his teens, fighting alongside his father on a few small jobs as bounty hunters, some local disputes where they were hired as mercenaries. Nothing major. By the time war became prevalent in the Galaxy, he had already retired from fighting and joined the meager government structure of Mandalore, helping to settle disputes between clans. The Mandalore of the time recognized him for his ability to keep the peace between rival clans or clan heads and had him do it in the name of the Mandalore to help keep the clans in line and at peace with each other so that the Mandalorians would have better cohesion for whatever it was the Mandalore had planned.

During the Galactic War (the third one, obviously) Ghinn made a handsome some of money from a different sort of mercenary work; acting as a third party broker to both sides of the war. He helped negotiate treaties, handled terms of surrender, and even swayed entire battles by getting one side or another to agree to temporary cease fires or exchanging prisoners.

Now with the war over, Ghinn is spending much of his time dealing between businesses and corporations, but keeps an ear to the ground for any possible talks between the remaining powers in the Galaxy and the independent worlds.
Assets Animal(s): N/A

Weapon(s): He always has a small hand blaster on his person, when he can.
Equipment: Communications datapad for accessing and storing information and contacting whomever he needs to. Concealed com units on his wrist, collar, ear, and in his boots.

Personal Ship: N/A - Uses ships provided by Mandalore or by clients

Droids: Protocol Droid (Mimsy), modified to have a few extra weapon slots that it is programmed to use or that Ghinn can extract if needed.
Tell Us About Yourself Pen Name: Wan, Flutterdash, Adenn, toamon, robo, Zach The Litch King

Roleplaying Experience: I've been roleplaying on forums for a good.... 14 years now. Also been doing some D&D on the tabletop recently.

You and the Force: I've been watching Star Wars since I was a wee little youngling. Read many of the now non-canon books (Thanks Disney!) and celebrated when Lucas lost it all

Languages: Native English speaker, and I've tought myself Mando'a

How Did You Find Us? Been here on and off for yeeeeeaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrssssss
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Ghinn Rast

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