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Image Arsan Balthazar Pendragon "Much like any Pendragon, he'll fight till the end" Character Information NAME:
Arsan Balthazar Pendragon
-Master Pendragon
Vjun (raised on Anaxes)
----------------------- The Background Strengths:
  • Tons of Stamina
  • Proficient in lightsaber combat
  • High pain threshold
  • Distrusting/often suspicious
  • Stubborn
  • Quick to anger at times
Arsan Pendragon is described as a stoic and steadfast man. He can be seen as an intimidating person because of this although he is very warm once one becomes acquainted. He is devoted to the New Jedi Order to the point of even sacrificing himself if the need arose. He epitomizes the quote 'speak softly and carry a big stick'. Arsan is a great lightsaber wielder and often uses this weapon as opposed to his powers. He'd rather let his actions speak themselves then words.

An avid reader of old texts and teachings, Arsan loves nothing more than to pass on his wisdom to the younger Jedi. He is often seen as a fatherly figure. A staunch protector of the weak and innocent. A season investigator, Arsan can be the first on the scene. He mostly specializes in the darkside and constantly monitors trances of it.

Born on Vjun like all members of the Jedi Pendragon family, Arsan began his life living in the huge halls of the Pendragon Estate in Anaxes' more prestigious district after his birth. His parents raised him along side his cousin, Sirius Pendragon, whom was orphaned at an early age when his parents were murdered by a sith assault team. From an early age, his parents tutored the young Arsan in Jedi principles and way the way of the light side of the Force with his cousin. The impressionable child came to idolize the Jedi heroes of old and dreamt one day to be just like them.

At the tender age of five, Arsan's parents took him to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant to begin his path as a Jedi Youngling. While there, Arsan was seen as a curious child. Always wanting an explanation for everything. However like the many Pendragons before him, Arsan had a thirst for combat. Often he could spotted honing his skills with a lightsaber and challenging fellow learns to spar. Often it would be against his cousin, Sirius, who was just as thirsty for combat as him. Arsan though developed other passions. A major one was investigations and forensics. The passion of solving crimes interested him greatly.

When Arsan reach alittle older, he was finally granted a Jedi Master. One of the premier Jedi Investigators of the time, which the young Arsan indulged in greatly. Upon reaching the rank of knighthood, Arsan was tasked with monitoring and investigating suspicions relating of the Darkside.

When the Federation had declared war against the Sith during it's waning years, Arsan stepped up to the plate to do his share. He promoted to a leading role and attached Arsan to the 443rd Attack Fleet under the command of Admiral Regh Dresden for his investigative knowledge of the Sith. There he saw what horrors war that only the Sjth could bring. Throughout the fighting, Arsan saw himself clashing with Dresden's First officer, Genevieve Hawthorne, whom promoted tactics of victory at whatever the cost and sought the complete eradication of the Sith and their allies. Such blind carnage made Arsan uneasy and suspicious.

During the battle of Korriban, Arsan led a ground assault against the Hand of the Dark Lord's attachment whom was defending one of the more prominent temples planetside along with the Jedi Grandmaster herself.

After the war, Arsan decided to take a break from conflict and spent much of the peace years at the Jedi Temple and assisting the Coruscant Police Force in cases. Though he knew peace would not last long. Often interested in politics, Arsan found himself at odds with the newly promoted Chief of Naval Operations. His distrust of her during the war had proved warranted as she began advocating the outlaw of Jedi. Although wishing to stand up to her words, Arsan was a mere knight and left it up to the masters.

Eventually Arsan found out that his cousin Sirius had courted a Jedi Master named Mara Sentirios whom later birthed a baby daughter. It was a nice sight to see his family expanded and soon became close with Mara as well treating her as family.

Since the outbreak of the massive Galactic War, Arsan stepped up to become one of the Order's most trusted leaders in the war to help defend the Federation against the Empire and Sith. Arsan, however, only seldom led the charge. Instead he found his niche in leading the defense against invasions. Often when a key member of either enemy was captured, he or she was brought to him for interrogation due to his Jedi Investigator training. The Galactic War changed Arsan dramatically as it raged on. He witnessed many of his close friends and allies were brutally slain or turned to the darkside in the heat of the bloodshed. Many times he was tempted to give in during the horrors but it only strengthened his resolve to remain in the light.

With the decimation of the New Jedi Order, Arsan was promoted to the rank of Jedi Master for recognition of his many successes and also to revitalize the Jedi Order after many of the Masters had been slain. Sadly he would later come to find out that during the Siege of Coruscant, his cousin Sirius had be slain in battle. His cousin's lover, Mara, had survived however which lessened to hurt since Arsan considered her family.

Since relocating with the rest of the fleeing Order in the snow-covered planet of Rhen Var, Arsan has since become one of the key figures in protecting the planet from outside attention. He works tirelessly to perfect the security around the hidden temple and helps regulate the defenses as well as passage on and off the planet by Jedi. Since Arsan is also a Jedi Investigator, he leaves the safety of Rhen Var often to gather much needed intel of the state of the galaxy and accompanies parties to gather supplies. When he is not busy with these, one can easily find him teaching the younger Jedi alongside Mara Sentirios.
----------------------- The Appearance Face Claim:
Idris Elba

Appearance: Image ----------------------- The Faction Faction:
New Jedi Order
-Jedi Sentinel
--Jedi Investigator
Jedi Master
----------------------- The Force Force-Sensitive?

Force Powers:
  • Core Powers
    Force Sense - Mastered
    Telekinesis - Expert
    Telepathy - Expert
  • Universal Powers
    Force Wave - Expert
    Force Suppression - Intermediate
  • Light Powers
    Force Stun - Expert
    Force Valor - Expert
    Combustion - Expert
    Protection Bubble - Intermediate
-40 years of Jedi training

Lightsaber Form(s)/Style(s):
  • Ataru - Expert
----------------------- Other Info Animal(s):
  • None
  • Datapad
  • Security Spikes/Card
  • Holocomm
Whatever is available at the temple

  • None

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A. Pendragon

Post#2 » Fri Jan 08, 2016 2:50 am

Looks good overall.

In your background, you mention "Jedi Generals" - these roles are from the Clone Wars and were never reinstituted by the Order in the last Galactic War. The Order dispatched the Jedi in their normal roles as necessary, and largely strived to preserve its peaceable nature.

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A. Pendragon

Post#3 » Thu Jan 28, 2016 10:56 pm

Image Thank you for your submission and, as one small wise Jedi once said..may the Force be with you.

Thank You,
SW:G Community Team

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