[A] The Dark Lord's Apprentice

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[A] The Dark Lord's Apprentice

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Valron Lexor "What is thy bidding my master?" Character Information NAME: Valron Lexor
--ALIAS: The /True/ Apprentice
--GENDER: Male
--AGE: Nineteen
The Background Strengths:

-- Pain Tolerance: As a member of the Zabrak species Valron is extremely resistant to pain in all it's various forms.
-- Mental Resistance: Zabraks are also extremely resistant to mental attacks and have more of a chance to resist them.
-- Loyalty: Above all else, Valron is extremely loyal to both his master and the Sith Order in it's entirety.
-- Battle Strategist: Despite being pretty aggressive, Valron is capable of quickly thinking on his feet even in combat.


-- Short Temper: Valron is quick to engage his enemies if enraged.

-- Stamina: Due to his preferred style of fighting Valron is quick to burn through his energy.

-- Level of Skill: Despite being naturally talented Valron is still only an apprentice and can be bested by higher ranking duelists should he be faced with that sort of situation. Until his training is complete he will have to rely on his knowledge of stealth tactics to eliminate tougher foes rather than take them on head first.

-- Vulnerability to The Force: While he's capable of freely utilizing the force at will, Valron is defenseless against highly skilled force sensitives who have devoted their lives to studying the force. As an apprentice who has focused primarily on lightsaber combat Valron does not specialize in anything specific and instead only knows enough to get by.

Personality: Originally Valron was a kind and caring person who would have taken the beating for another one of his fellow nightbrothers, but as time went on he gradually found himself becoming colder on the inside. Being faced with the harsh conditions on his home planet coupled with the brutal training he endured becoming a Sith deafened him a lot of emotions such as love, guilt or even fear to a certain extent-- though this doesn't mean he's entirely heartless. At times he can be extremely reasonable, resorting to diplomacy rather than combat however this is possibly due to his vast intelligence for the most part. While he can be reasonable don't let his civil behavior fool you, because if he's pushed too far he'll snap like a twig and go from zero to a hundred in no time and completely fly off the handle. When it comes to friends Valron intentionally avoids making them and instead limits himself to using those he sees worthy. Unless somebody has something they can offer him he really has no concern for them at all.

Valron also has no strings attached to any of his belongings or equipment and would be willing to leave them all behind at the drop of a dime. Growing up as a Dathomirian Nightbrother, Valron was used to not having much and working with pretty much whatever he could find at the time. Because of this he finds himself easily able to distance himself from people he cares about as well as things that he loves. However, despite this Valron has always seemed to preserve a connection with his master in whom he trusts his life with. At the end of the day when all the cards are out on the table Valron will follow his master's every order without the slightest of complaint or hesitation.

Biography: Born on the planet Dathomir, Valron was raised as a Nightbrother for the majority of his life. Working as a slave from the age of four, Valron was forced to endure some of the harshest conditions such as the blistering heat during the day and icy cold wind during the night. Not only that but he had to constantly tolerate the abuse from bigger Zabraks whom often picked on him for his small figure, resulting in him bottling up all of his pent up rage and aggression. Over the years however he began letting that built up rage out little by little on those who gave him a hard time, however it wasn't until he broke the arm of his fellow nightbrother that he truly got some attention. The once innocent boy quickly grew dark and cold in this environment and only proceeded to get worse as time went on.

It wasn't long before one of the Nightsisters on his home planet recognized him for his potential and provided him with a different kind of work. Rather than pounding away at the rocks surrounding the soon to be cave entrance he was given the job of crafting weaponry and aiding with the broken technology kicking around the planet. This kind of work seemed interesting him, and for once he felt like he actually knew what he was doing. Without previously studying technology and all of it's workings Valron found himself natural in-touch with it and was capable of repairing small things such as blasters to even service droids. Upon proving his intelligence to the Nightsister whom had taken in him Valron found himself introduced to a new kind of duty, something of which he had never imagined himself doing. Taken under the wing of one of the planet's famous Dathomirian warrior's, Valron was trained as a warrior to become proficient with melee combat. Starting off using wooden sticks, he eventually moved onto training with battle axes and other exotic weaponry such as spears and shields. While it wasn't exactly lightsaber training, this bit of knowledge went a long way with Valron and stuck with him throughout his entire life, even as a Sith apprentice -- but we'll get to that in a bit.

A few years down the road the current Dark Lord of the Sith known as Darth Reiver arrived on Dathomir while attending to some official business. During his time on the planet he witnesses a riot break out among the slaves that escalated fairly quickly before their very eyes. To his surprise however a single Zabrak moved out from the back of the horde to set things straight. While initially trying to solve the issue diplomatically, he was eventually forced to resort to combat and had to knock a few heads. Seeing this, the Dark Lord couldn't help but acknowledge how skilled Valron was but also recognize that he was force sensitive. Upon revealing this to the Nightsister who was watching over him, The Dark Lord requested that he take the boy with him to begin his training as a Sith. Without really much of a choice she was forced to hand him over, and without the slightest bit of gear he went off into the imperial class ship. While a change like this would normally send somebody for a spiral Valron was ready for it, and knew in the back of his mind that he was destined for more.

When Valron first began his sith training his new master wanted to see just exactly where he stood when it came to combat. Upon testing him he discovered that not only was he extremely gifted in close range combat but he also possessed a vast resistance to pain, allowing him to shrug off non-lethal injuries without being slowed down. However, even though his physical abilities were considered "decent", his force abilities were pathetic and he found performing even the easiest of tasks difficult. This weaknesses stuck with Valron for the majority of his training, resulting in himself basing his training solely around disabling his enemies through close combat and strategy. While this may seem like a downfall for most people, Valron found a unique way to incorporate force techniques in with his lightsaber sequences to throw off most enemies in order to capture the victory. Another aspect of Valron's training consisted of harsh physical training that took place within a secret gravity chamber located on the planet. During these training sessions he would be forced to endure abnormal levels of gravity to not only increase his physical strength but also his speed and agility as well. Upon reaching the middle of his training, Valron was deemed ready to go on missions assigned by the Sith Order.

The first assignment Valron was given was to hunt down a member of the Black Sun gang that had recently betrayed the Sith Order and escaped with a considerable amount of their resources. Most people in this situation would most likely be nervous to go out on their own for the first time, but for Valron this was just another day on the job and he knew he needed to prove himself in order to potentially make a name for himself in the future. Keeping that in mind throughout the course of the mission, he found himself at peace within his own mind and on the outside appeared as calm as a gently falling leaf. Upon arriving on the desired planet it didn't take him long to spot his target standing outside of one of the local pubs. It wasn't until he saw the man walking into the dark alleyway to the side of the pub that he struck him down, cloaking his kill with the darkness of the night. After properly disposing of the body and collecting any salvageable documents he returned to his master on board his ship with the good news. While his master was impressed with his victory he didn't wait long before handing him his next assignment which was to take place on the planet Dromund Kaas.

Currently Valron stands faithfully at the side of the Dark Lord as he continued his training as a Sith.

The Appearance Face Claim: Darth Maul

Appearance: Look at the top.
The Faction Faction: The Sith Order
--Branch: Sith Assassin
--Rank: Dark Lord's Apprentice

The Force Force-Sensitive? Yes

Force Powers:

Force Shield: Weak
Force Speed - Intermediate
Force Concealment - Novice
Force Sense - Weak
Force Telepathy - Weak
Force Telekinesis - Intermediate

Training: After being discovered by the Dark Lord of the Sith on his home planet known as Dathomir Valron began his Sith training on Cantros V. While he was extremely out of touch with the force at first and found even the simplest of tasks nearly impossible, he eventually had a break through moment and pushed past his limitations. As the apprentice of the Dark Lord Valron was trained extremely hard on a daily basis and put through extremely harsh conditions in order to prime his body for the future that was to come for him. He was trained to be an assassin, using the force only as a diversion rather than a means to attack as he preferred close quarter combat. Even though he usually didn't use the force in combat it doesn't mean he isn't able to as he is more than capable of using it when it comes down to it.

Lightsaber Form(s)/Style(s):

Juyo - Primary
Ataru - Secondary

Other Info Animal(s): No
Weapon(s): Double Bladed Lightsaber - Synthetic Red Crystal
Equipment: Utility belt, Grapple hook, Holocommunicator

Tell Us About Yourself Pen Name: Drew

Roleplaying Experience: Three Years

You and the Force: I've been into star wars for at least 10 years now.. and I would say I know a decent amount about it.

Languages: English

How Did You Find Us? Kiara Decoix
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The Dark Lord's Apprentice

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I like it but add another weakness to balance it out a tad more

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The Dark Lord's Apprentice

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Image Thank you for your submission and as a witty Sith Lord once said:
Palpatine: I expect your best service.
Mace Windu: For the Order and the Republic, I will give anything and everything, including my life.
Palpatine: Good, we may need that, too.
Enjoy. By the way, try not to kill all the Jedi; we need some light in this world.

Thank You,
SW:G Community Team

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