[A] Sherman Morigan

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[A] Sherman Morigan

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Sherman Morigan "Hm? What was that? Oh, I don't know yet, but I'm trying to figure it out" Character Information NAME: Sherman Morigan
--ALIAS: The Black Student
SPECIES: Human... ?
--GENDER: Born Male, now Asexual
--AGE: 57
The Background Strengths:
  • Supreme Intelligence - There is likely not a mind in the galaxy that can surpass Sherman's in sheer knowledge. Or, at least, the sheer storage of knowledge. He has a photographic memory, so if he see's it, he can recall it in perfect detail.
  • Quick Thinking - Sherm can think astonishingly fast when he is on task, jumping from idea to idea with only the barest, slightest connection or nudge.
  • Focus - Sherman can (and has) gone days without eating due to the sheer tenacity of his work. When he gets his nose to the arcane past and is on to something, it would take excessive force to stop him.
  • Scientific Ambition - If there is something to research or experiment with, the Dark Lord of the Sith himself would have to step in and stop Sherman from doing whatever was in his power to try it. Be it rip a child to shreds atom-by-atom or travel across the galaxy deep into Chiss space to examine a rumored ancient Sith tablet, Sherman will do it to advance his research.
  • Immunity - Experimentation with ancient magics have left Sherman immune to many common issues with humans. The common cold, basic poisons, even broken bones (they heal very quickly) are of little concern to him now.
  • Coward - There are no better words to describe Sherman than a coward. Outside of science - where there is no limit he is not willing to push - Sherman can be cowed by even the newest Acolyte.
  • Naive - Sherman does not know many things about the Galaxy outside of his research. Jedi, politics, wars, history, commerce, all of these things are simply beyond him. Taking him outside of his study is a recipe for disaster.
  • No Personal Ambition - Outside of his research, Sherman really does not care about attaining more power. He is very happy in his position and does not want that to change.
  • Rare Conditions - Immunity from most common conditions to humanity comes with a price. The rarer, harder to get and harder to cure issues became more frequent.
  • Tunnel Vision - Sherman often focuses too much on one task and leaves other tasks incomplete, or completed but forgotten. There is more lost lore in his piles of forgotten manuscripts than most could imagine.
Personality: Sherman is a sharp minded man who had always been of a scholarly aspect, even when a child. He loves to learn, and that is about it. Sherman is also a cowardly man, using his Fear to empower his grip on the Force when put in a position of danger. When researching, however, it is his sheer joy and excitement that allows him to access the Force with a degree of finesse.
Biography: As a child, Sherman was always a nerd. His friend, Markus, was the strong, handsome type who kept him safe from the bullies. When Markus started to display Force sensitivity, his parents - both Sith - sent him off for training. it was quite fortuitous that in Sherman's child tantrum, he threw off some Force waves as well. His parents were helpless as the Sith took him, but he got to stay with his friend which was good enough.

Training was hard for Sherman, having no real talent or aptitude for anything that the Sith valued, but when he started to work for one of the Sith librarians, he found the joys of ancient Sith literature. His instructors were quick to seize on this opportunity, for scholarly Sith were few and far between. Over the years, Sherman absorbed more and more research tasks and responsibilities. He was trained to sense the Force by his Master, Dark Lord Phoebus, so that he could detect and analyze the rare artifacts with proper caution. To a lesser extent, he was also trained to move objects with the Force because, as often as not, it was far too dangerous to actually touch an ancient Sith relic

On his first expedition into the Galaxy with Lord Phoebus, he encountered his first ancient artifact. He cannot recall what it was, for the moment he touched it he nearly died. He came to on the ship, having been dragged back by one of the Sith Lords who had come as a guard for him and his Master. Phoebus did not return.

It did not take long for Sherman to become the ranking scholar in the Sith Order. He made dozens of expeditions in his tenure, getting exposed to various dark artifacts and magics. Just in time for the Sith to go to war and be betrayed by the Empire, Sherman was out on an expedition, and when the hammer fell he received the order to hide while abroad. That had been rather easy for him, and so instead of returning to Korriban to archive his findings, he instead continued on his trek for several more years. Once his last guardian Battle Droid was damaged beyond his ability to repair, however, he started to head back, seeking out any surviving Sith brethren for protection.

The Appearance Appearance: His skin is translucently white, like onionskin, and it looks just as delicate. It appears soft and powdery, like chalk. His eyes are red, but the color is clouded and milky, with deep, dark bags under them. Sherman is a slight man, and he stands almost six feet tall. Despite the ancient dark magic that keeps him surprisingly healthy, his appearance is overall that of a frail, ill man. His clothes just hang on his body and he looks as though a strong breeze could blow him away.
The Faction Faction: Sith
--Branch: Scholar
--Rank: Scientist

The Force Force-Sensitive? Yes
Force Powers:
  • Force Sense - Expert (Only uses when hunting for artifacts)
  • Force Telekinesis - Intermediate
Training: Extensive research and seeking out of old, forbidden knowledge and dangerous artifacts. Moving items from traps that were designed to ensnare the non-Force users, and finding dark Force imbued artifacts keep his skills sharp.
Lightsaber Form(s)/Style(s): N/A

Other Info Animal(s): N/A
Weapon(s): N/A
Equipment: Primarily a holocron he uses to record all of his findings. Also a datapad and a communicator, and an all purpose scientific analyzer-mabob.
Ship: N/A
Droids: Five old Super Battle droids, all equipped to protect him when on an expedition and all carrying backups of any data he retrieves while out. They also guard his research chambers from overly ambitious acolytes. The ones that get past the droids are usually then killed by touching an ancient relic left sitting out on a table, or reading from a tablet that they have no comprehension of what would do to them

Tell Us About Yourself Pen Name: Adenn
Roleplaying Experience: 11 years, mostly role play, some fanfics
You and the Force: Been starwarsing since I was a wee baby
Languages: English and nerd
How Did You Find Us? Been here forever and a day

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Re: Sherman Morigan

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Concerns discussed in private were corrected. Looks good!

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Re: Sherman Morigan

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Welcome to the dark side. :P

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