[A] Scott Dexhart

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[A] Scott Dexhart

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Image[/size] Scott Dexhart "Whatever happens, happens." Character Information NAME: Scott Dexhart
--ALIAS: None
--GENDER: Male
--AGE: 27
The Background
Strengths: Scott's main strong points are his brains, his skills in hand to hand combat, and his skills with a blaster pistol. While he isn't the strongest or biggest person out there, he knows how to use someone's own strength against them. When in a fist fight, he moves like liquid, keeping himself calm, relaxed, and collected in order to throw his opponents balance off. Growing up in the city of Kor Vella meant that he not only got a top notch education, but also learned a lot from hanging around on the streets with his friends. He is also very lucky, for some unexplainable reason luck just seems to smile on him very often; Seeing as he's cheated death twice and has gotten several bounties, including his first, due to what he calls luck.

Weaknesses: Scott is human and as most humans he has flaws. His biggest one is his past for some reason, that is not known to most, he hates discussing his past especially the people in it. He is very determined almost to a fault; he constantly pushes himself to his limits without giving up, this takes its tolls on him physically. He can be too trusting at times, but this doesn't mean that he is naive he just has a hard time sensing malice in people. Another small weakness is that he's a bad liar, when he lies he has very obvious tells such as sweating, lack of eye contact, lip biting. Anyone observing, even slightly, can catch him in a lie if he doesn't try hard enough.

Personality: Generally speaking Scott is a very relaxed kind of guy he usually leaves everything up to fate. He's very sociable, he's the kind of person that can sit down and have a good conversation with a random person. In most hostile or tense situations he'll be the guy that's trying to lighten the mood with a couple of jokes; he doesn't enjoy arguments very much. He likes listening to jazz and if not on board his ship he can be found in a cantina enjoying the local

Generally speaking Scott hates being alone, which is why he generally tries to work with groups on bounties and anything else. He hates working alone because of the first year or two of hunting where he wasn't too successful; he adamantly believes that two, three, or even four heads work better than one. He will work alone if he has to, but he usually tries not to go too long without working with one or two other people in the same line of work.

Biography: Scott was born in the city of Kor Vella in a one parent home, said one parent would be his mother. According to what she has told him his father left when he found out that she was pregnant. Aside from that small thing he had a relatively normal childhood, he went to school, hung out with friends, and other things like that. The only thing worth mentioning about Scott during his teenage years is the loss of his mother. She succumbed to an unknown disease when Scott was about 18, and from here he had to work in a shipyard owned by CEC in order to support himself.

The work in the shipyards consisted mainly of busy work with a couple of interesting things to do here and there. He got bored of it quickly, however, as they had him doing a lot of menial tasks. The workplace itself wasn't bad, it was actually quite different from what he had expected. He had always heard that the shipyards were dangerous and unsafe, but quite the contrary, he found it to be just as good as any other workplace. The only complaint that he had was the pay, and this wouldn't be a problem for long. Scott eventually became a bounty hunter, he didn't find his career in bounty hunting until 19 years of age while working in a shipyard.

After finishing school Scott found himself working in a shipyard to scrape together some extra money in order to leave Corellia; as he felt that his success lay elsewhere. It was during one of the late shifts that he heard some noise of blaster fire and yelling echoing throughout the foundry. Upon closer inspection, he saw that a ragtag group of armed men were shooting at a single target. He tried to remain hidden, but sadly the man that was being shot at spotted Scott and tried to take him hostage. This didn't work out to well for the man as Scott ended up incapacitating him with a plasteel beam. The hunters eventually figured this out, and left rather annoyed as they were out a couple thousand credits. When the authorities showed up they paid Scott quite a hefty sum of credits for his catch.

With this money and a couple of other smaller bounties along the way he managed to scrape up enough money for a ship, supplies, and weapons. He ended up buying a used CR-1000 corvette sold to him by one of his old friends, which found themselves working as a salesman for CEC (this is probably the reason why he got such a good deal on it). He named the ship The Hired Hand to celebrate his new line of work as a bounty hunter. From here he would take to the stars to catch or kill anyone with a price on their head. The first couple of months he didn't really get a lot of contracts being new to the business and all and this brought some hard times upon him sometimes not being able to produce enough food, but he would eventually get into the swing of things.

The main reason that he didn't make a lot of cash was a mixture of him being perceived as small time by most and general inexperience. Eventually he managed to land it big by working with a fellow hunter named Retill on a fairly big bounty which involved them hunting down a force sensitive in a local sector. The bounty went smoothly and even though the two had polar opposite personalities, they managed to have almost complete synergy when working together. Retill taught Scott most everything he knows now of bounty hunting, but eventually they separated due to differing opinions. After the 3 year partnership Scott was more or less ready to take on any bounty that was thrown at him, working with other hunters every now and again.

The Appearance Face Claim: Keanu Reeves
Appearance: Scott is 6 feet tall with a lean athletic build. He usually wears nice looking clothes, nothing too fancy, usually just some dress pants, a button up shirt, and a blazer so that he may look presentable (and so he has somewhere to hide his weapons). He has long hair that goes down to about the back of his neck along with a beard that he keeps relatively short. He has brownish black eyes, black hair, and a slight complexion.
The Faction Faction: Independent
--Branch: Bounty Hunter
--Rank: N/A

The Force Force-Sensitive? No

Other Info Animal(s): N/A
Weapon(s): Dl-18 Blaster pistol, along with an A-280 blaster rifle for harrier fire fights, and stun grenades
Equipment: He has the basic things you'd expect any hunter to have those being: A communicator, a datapad, an assortment of tracking devices, he also has stun grenades that he keeps a regular supply of.
Ship:CR-1000 Along with an X-Wing escort/fighter in it's undercarriage
Droids: N/A
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Re: Scott Dexhart (WIP)

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This character is ready for review

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Re: [A] Scott Dexhart

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Image Thank you for your submission and, as one stuck up, half-witted, scruffy-looking Nerf Herder once said, "hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a blaster by your side".


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