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Image Neek Jale Another Day in the Dunes Character Information NAME: Neek Jale
--GENDER: Male
--AGE: 24
The Background Strengths:
-Neek is a natural Mechanic, Capable of repairing just about anything and building his own equipment.
-Extensive bartering talents, in the fields of getting more credits out of a scrap haul.
-A very competent shot when using pistols, enough to see him through an encounter with a Hulak Wraid.


-Neek has a intense fear of Krayt Dragons, following an incident he experienced years ago. Krayt Dragons or even similar creatures could make him freeze up.
-Haunted by the Memories of his home being raided by the Imperials, primarily the Visage of Stormtroopers.
-As a Direct result of his size and stature, Neek is in no way a skilled melee combatant. Anything getting that close to Neek means trouble for the jawa.

Neek is a very dependable little worker. He has a strong work ethic and in the scheme of things, quite different from most Jawas. In part to the events of his child hood, he is no longer passive; IE, He will defend himself. In the face of danger, most Jawa's will flee, Neek will stand his ground. Years of fending off Tusken raiders from his Home have cemented this bold flair in his mentality. The only Danger he truly steers away from are Krayt Dragons. He is Highly intelligent, with a quick learning curve. Combined with his natural quizzical nature he'll take as long as it takes to work some tech issue out.

Neek largely grew up under the influence of the galactic society at large, rather than his clan. As of such he is far more trustworthy than most Jawa's, being prone to honesty and in general refraining from stealing anything not nailed down. He can be quite headstrong for a Jawa as well.

Neek was born to the Jale clan on 53 ABY. The Young Jawa was raised in the confines of the Jale Clan's fortress. The Jale Clan fortress was located in the vicinity of the Northern Dune sea. Neek learned many traits of the clan trade. Things like the intricate circuits of technology, Jerry rigging engines from miscellaneous components and such. In the dealing with the occasional visitor in trade, Neek learned a good idea of Bartering which he would use to great effect later in life. He never got much hands on experience with conventional blasters, but the Jawa did use an Ion blaster on occasion with supervsion, Usually against haywire droids. Neek's life went on in the typical Jawa fashion for fourteen years, When things changed drastically.

In 64 ABY, an Imperial Ship was passing through Tattooine space. The ship was assaulted by a number of Pirate craft, ultimately disabling the engines and dooming it to fall into Tatooine's gravity well. Before the uncontrolled reentry disabled other vital components of the vessel, the captain engaged the distress call.This Vessel was carrying important security codes in it's databanks. Codes that could not be allowed to fall into non-Imperial hands.The Disabled Vessel crashed into the northern Dune sea, an impact so violent that all surviving hands were lost.

A Sandcrawler of the Jale Clan was close enough to spot the flaming wreck as it hurled for the ground. Following the smoke that billowed from the burning ship fuel, the Jawa's arrived at the wreck near night fall.The Jawa's set forth like Locusts, picking the remains of the ship clean of anything useful. Vital components, databanks, wrecked droids. Storing the whole lot within the Sandcrawler for later use. Once the wreckage was picked clean they left, traveling back to the Jale Fortress with a full load of materials.

It was about midday in the following day that a Stormtrooper contingent arrived on site. Shortly after the crawler left to return to the fortress, a stormtrooper contingent arrived on the scene. The contingent consisted of an AT-TE Cargo Transport, Two At-sts, along with an All terrain Attack pod. Upon arrival they discovered the sandcrawler tracks that yet remained, setting off to follow it. In the process of traveling there the AT-TE Cargo Transport broke down. Given that it is an obsolete model with difficult to acquire parts in the era, it was abandoned to the sands.

The Battle of the Jale clan Fortress took place in roughly an hour long span. On the hunt for the security codes, the Imperial Contingent arrived at the fortress. They carried it out with violent efficiency, Blasting open the gates to the fortress and invading inside. It was a slaughter, one which Neek barely come through. When the battle started many of the Jawa's attempted to flee in the streets, while Neek was one who tried to hide. He hid inside a hollowed out gonk droid, which accompanied by the scrap around it, didn't look all that out of place. He cowered inside as troopers swept through the streets, killing Jawa's with impunity. One Stormtrooper nearly checked the scrap pile Neek was in, Rescued only by the call coming through that the databank had been recovered. It would be hours later when Night fell that Neek was finally brave enough to come out. By that time all that was the Jale Clan was presumably exterminated.

Neek lingered in the confines of the charred and dilapidated fortress for two months. Abruptly becoming homeless and clanless was something difficult to cope with for the Young Jawa. Not to mention the hardship of cremating what little of the dead he had discovered, a constant reminder to the death the Strangers had wrought. The process of Neek coming to term over those months took time. Commonly searching under wreckage for anything he could use in his crude Hovel prompted him to discover a DE-10 Blast Pistol. A Pistol that had been lost during the attack by one of the Imperial Officers present. An officer who had nearly been crushed by falling debris. He used this blaster to keep himself alive, killing the womp rats and Skrills that strayed in through the dilapidated gate and cooking them for food.

It was one early morning, when the twin suns were rising over a crest of rock that Neek had an epiphany. The Young Jawa realized that he just couldn't stay here among the dead and the ruins. As much as he might like for the familiarity. Remaining would just add him to the ghosts of this place.

It was in the following days that Neek really got to work picking over the remains of the Fortress. Searching that uncovered a number of possible useful items for him leaving the area. One item of which was a large probe droid. In addition to a small collection of credit chips and a datapad carrying local maps. The process of Neek rigging up the Probe droid, restraining bolt and controller, and the datapad took days. Days of trial and error and a few electrical fires from bad wiring. Eventually though the Probe Droid was set, given crude directions to hone in on the location of Mos Espa based on the datapad now hooked up with some cord.

The Jawa with a supply of Food and water, along with the blaster, Perched atop of the Probe droid as it made it's way to Mos Espa. Neek braved the baking heat and sandstorms of the waste throughout the one way trip journey that took days.

Upon arrival in Mos Espa, the young Jawa was quick to sell the droid off to a scrap shop. Adding additional credits to what little credits he had uncovered at his former home. It wasn't long after that that Neek found a job in manual labor in the city. He lived out of a crude hovel in an alley while he took part in child labor that would likely be disapproved of in more civilized parts of the galaxy. What few credits that Neek earned were squirreled away, the Jawa opting to live mostly off of the various pests in the city. The only real things he had to pay for being water and the occasional tibanna gas cartridge. In time Neek was laid off, only to find a new job. A common cycle.

As Neek aged, his desire for a more stable form of employment grew. Growing to the point that Neek used the credits he had earned to purchase an old broken down ST-101 RepulsorTruck from an old Moisture Farmer who was fed up with the hunk of rubbish. Naturally Neek used his talents to get the engine running again, turning the engine compartment into a textbook display of jerry rigging. In his quest for stable employment Neek signed up for a cargo hauling company.

Ultimately he was only able to complete one cargo transport run before he was laid off. Disillusioned, the Jawa set upon the thought of possibly finding any salvage to sell in the old fortress. Despite the painful memories of the 16 cycles old Jawa decided to set out there to make decent credits and give himself a decently livable life. The route he took saw the Force take the reins, guiding him down a path that would work out in his favor more than he could actually imagine.

Neek did not reach the Gates of the Fortress like he had intended. Instead the Jawa hit something with his Repulsor truck. A mass of apparent scrap metal that actually outright tipped the Repulsor truck over. Spilling a surprised, angry, and bewildered Neek out into the sand. Eventually his mood gave way for frustration after failed attempts to right the repulsor truck, he just didn't have the means.

Frustration that prompted Neek to look at whatever it was he had hit and rolled
over from. He quickly realized he had hit some sort of vehicle as he brushed sand away from the lip of metal he had struck, revealing a deck of durasteel. That Vehicle, imprisoned in the dunes, was the AT-TE Cargo Hauler that the Imperial Forces had abandoned around Five years ago.

The Walker was a vehicle that was too valuable for Neek to just come back later and scavenge off of, especially given that he lacked the means to even flip the truck back over. In the coming hours Neek cleared out much of the sand, revealing most of the deck of what was apparently some manner of Skiff to Neek's unfamiliar eyes. Eventually he discovered the controls and from there the digging made it very apparent that whatever it was, it was much bigger than he thought.

Once Neek dragged off metal plating and revealed the Engine, the issues it was suffering became very apparent to him. Thus did the jerry rigging process begin, Neek outright scavenging the St-101 for all the internal parts it had. Oh the Jawa would be in for a big surprise when he tried to move what was a skiff. Successfully powering it on, jiggling the controls, and finding it still aside from the sand in the front of the dune being disturbed where Neek had dug. The next few attempts saw the beast as it was burst free from the dune. It's legs taking the first free steps in five years. For Neek, this was too good to be true. The vehicle was huge by his standards and there was so much space available. After some inspection he discovered the control panel for the loading arm and the wench system, perfect for mass salvage and cargo transportation. Which would of course, give him the income he needed to live comfortably.

Neek took up a business in transporting good to homesteads out in the wilderness of Tattooine. It was good work moving goods, the hours were largely his own. He flexed his talents in bartering to get the most credits possible out of the jobs, though he didnt' go to downright extortion. He went on for years doing these kind of jobs, transporting cargo and occasionally purchasing upgrades for his vehicle. The Cargo runs were interspersed with scavenging, Neek often bringing back entire small space craft and dragging larger ones in a few trips. Over all it was quite profitable and he lived comfortably in the AT-TE.

He experienced four relatively uneventful years transporting cargo and salvage. He had a few incidents with tusken raiders, though they largely stopped the day the AT-TE crushed one of them, bantha and all. In 72 ABY however, this was due for a change. A Nerf Herder was attempting to set up a farm on Tattooine, part of some plan to get in on the local market for furs and meat. Neek knew that the would be Nerf Herder had no chance of succeeding in establishing a ranch, but he was getting paid to transport it all, so he didn't much care. He was traveling along a route in the jundland wastes with a full cargo of Nerfs when the fateful event happened.

The smell of the Nerf's attracted a local predator, a Krayt Dragon. Neek heard it's roar before he saw it charging down the ridge to the left of him. At that point it became a matter of hiding and Neek hid. He tucked himself away inside of a compartment on the deck. He could only cower in fear as the Krayt dragon ravaged the AT-TE. It broke open the Nerf cages, coated the deck in blood, tore off chunks of plating. By the time it was over, the entire Cargo was lost and his AT-TE was wrecked; but luckily, still functional. Shaken and lucky to be alive, Neek limped back to Mos Espa, looking like he had been in a warzone.

One of the first things Neek did on arrival in Mos Espa was stop by the Cantina for a drink. He was physically fine, but very shaken. A few of the Cantina patrons got to hear quite a story from Neek. He paid for a room and stayed over for the night, emerging in the morning. The extent of the damage stuck out to him then and to more than a few passerby staring at the veritable walking wreck parked at the edge of town. It took some stomach curdling time to clean up the mess on the deck, but the hull damage was outside of his ability. To that extent, he used his savings to fund the repairs and a fair amount of modifications.

He actually contracted two different groups to help him out, one being a local architect and the other a local repair group who also did modifications. In those respects, Neek challenged the both of them. The Architect and company had to work together to achieve what Neek was requesting, it was most unusual. The shipwrights first sliced off much of the side plating and replaced it, along with greatly extending the back section of the deck. Extending it out with sheet metal and added supporting beams stretching from the AT-TE's back end to the edge of the sheet metal. Then they worked up to add in new side plating to supplement the defense, making sure it was built so Neek could step up on a rung to fire over the side if need be. Then working off the Architects blueprints and schematics drawn up by one of the Shipwrights, they built up a home on the deck. With the frame and walls laid, armored plating was added on the walls sides. It was quite a sight when it was finished, A veritable mobile home. It also cost quite a bit and funds wise, was a considerable set back.

After those modifications he returned to hauling cargo and scavenging shipwrecks and rubbage. Those jobs were his source of living, keeping the AT-Home fueled and his belly nice and full. In his mobile home he lived and worked, traveling this way and that across the expanse of Tatooine. Somewhere in the midst of all the cargo hauling Neek stumbled upon an abandoned moisture farm. Ultimately salvaging a still functional Moisture vaporator and rigging it up to the At-Home.

It was one day while traveling the endless expanses of Tatooine sand that Neek noticed smoke on the distant horizon. What he arrived there to discover however was a Starliner that had crashed into the Dune sea. Leaving quite the wake of displaced sand behind it. Passengers and all were still present, the ship had merely gone down after suffering repulsor array trouble with the Engine core. While initially present to scavenge the fresh space wreck, Neek instead ended up assisting in the repairs.

The Jawa was hired on to do repair work by the Capttain of the Valiant Star. The captain,
one Souta Task, had done enough trips to Tatooine to be well aware of the locals. It was also the captains habit of doing a fly over of the Dune sea that had seen the Star liner survive it's failure. Any flying directly down from orbit to the city would have seen a horrific tragedy. Neek ended up inside of the Star liners engine core, tampering with this and that. Along with the Ships mechanic who was keeping Neek informed and reminded of just what he was tampering with. Eventually after a fair amount of tampering, wire crossing, and coolant pipes being jammed into who knows what, power was restored.

In the aftermath Neek received a voucher from the captain, with a holonet number to contact in order to receive payment for his services with Task's testimony. Not to mention the Jawa making off with a good supply of food off the ship. The real payoff of the encounter though played out a few weeks later. When Neek became aware that the Ceo was very very pleased with the Jawa, giving Neek Jale a discount across the star liner chain. Whether it was for Neek's help, or preventing a galaxy wide lawsuit after a Tusken raider attack, was unclear.

Neeks life of Cargo Hauling and scrap collecting continued on after that day. Going on for a year until Neek's growing restlessness kicked in. With the discount on starliner trips at his disposal, his story was truly ready to begin.
The Appearance Face Claim: N/A

Neek has an overall appearence that sets him apart greatly from other Jawas, for reasons of upbringing. In the scheme of comparisons, One could consider Neek like a rebellious child, wearing an ensemble drastically different from his elders. Though it is an ensemble that still makes him recognizable for what he is at first glance.

Neek wears a robe like all Jawa's though his is a tad bit different. The inside is lined with Nerf Wool, making it very comfortable to wear. The Robe is clasped at the neck and allowed to hang open below that, less like a robe and more like a long jacket in nature. This exposes a piece of body armor that Neek wears. It is a solid portion of sleek silver combat armor, sized for Neek's physique. The piece covers his front and back. It bears a distinctive Blue Y mark, which starts at the bottom of the plate, moves up, and then diverts towards the shoulders. The bottom of the breast plate is covered by a pair of double belts. The two belts are adorned with compartment packs, a set on his left and a set on his right. On the right side, the bottom belt sports the holster for his blaster. He also wears a pair of loose fitting brown pants, which largely conceal his feet from sight.

Neek uses his pair of Orange Gem stones very much like glasses, inserting them into his hood. They have their own metal band for a mount. The band is a dull grey and one would need to look closely to notice it within the hood.
The Faction Faction: Independent
--Branch: N/A
--Rank: N/A
The Force Force-Sensitive? No

Force Powers: N/A

Training: N/A

Lightsaber Form(s)/Style(s): N/A
Other Info Animal(s): N/A

Weapon(s): DE-10 Blaster Pistol The Weapon has been modified from it's stock form, it's handle wrapped with cloth.

-Handheld Macroscanner to allow him to scan the horizons.
-Fusion Cutter
All Terrain Tactical Enforcer, Open Top
A heavily modified model of AT-TE. This particular piece retains much of it's lower plating, towards the angle of protecting the passengers inside, offering firing slots along the plating. The drivers seat retains a full reinforced glass window to the left and right of the pilot.
Neek's Modifications
The alterations that this Jawa has made to the model are innumerable. The most notable are his alterations to what was once an cargo deck.

A Tatooian Style home jutts off of it's roof, Taking up a good portion of the vehicle. A portion of the Back and the front are left clear, creating two balcony like portions. The walls are largely armor plated with thick plates of durasteel on the exterior and roof. The shape gives away the Tatooian architecture. While inside the Architecture is far more noticeable. The Armor varies greatly with the AT-TE's sand blasted paintjob, bearing unpainted exteriors and a dull metallic shine.The Front balcony gives Neek access to the control seat.

The Back Balcony sports a loading crane, which has been relocated from around the middle to the back. There is a little more space on the back balcony, for reasons of Neek storing smaller scrap there. There is a bit more space available for reasons of respectible local builders cutting off the armor siding and installing a metal deck of sorts, increasing the cargo space, which hangs off from the back of the vehicle. In addition a thick red tarp is stretched over the platform for reasons of shade. A tarp of material that can naturally be retracted out of the way.

The roof looks not unlike your usual Tattoine home's roof. Albeit extended in length to stretch from one side of the other with the dome like shape. Not to mention being that it is coated over in armor. A number of windows are visible along the roof dome, with metal grates that can be propped open. Or sealed shut depending on weather and outside threats.

The Cable winch that was once attached to the front has been chopped off and installed in the back, allowing the vehicle to drag large chunks of scrap across the landscape. Magnets attached to the hook aid Neek in such a task as well.

Somewhat more exposed is a moisture vaporator installed on the right side where the loading crane was located. It's hooked up to channel water into a tank in the bowels of the AT-TE.

AT-TE retains the elevator platform meant for AT-RT's, Neek uses this to get in and out of the vehicle with a handheld clicker. The Platform stops right up on the cargo deck.

This vehicle is Neek's home and pride. All of his worldly possessions are stored within. Things like a nice sized bed(for a Jawa), A chair made from a Desert Wraid's plate, some shelves with knick knacks. A hubba gourd greenhouse stored off on the deck in it's own little box. And of course a trusty spacer's chest, with a complicated lock built by Neek.

The interiors specific construction consists of a large living room, a narrow hallway, and two adjoining rooms in the hallway. One a small and quite cramped bedroom. With just enough room to contain a small bed, a hook on the wall, and a rather small dresser. The other room being the facilities.

The vehicle boasts very little paint if any. The unmodified areas of the AT-TE boast grayish paint with a strong hint of wind blasting. The Armor on the left side boasts a companies insignia, in part to the modifications they made. A piece of original plating on the right side of the AT-TE bears an imperial insignia, intensely sandblasted to the point of being near unrecognizable.

Ship: N/A

Droids: N/A
Tell Us About Yourself Pen Name: Neek
Roleplaying Experience: Ten years now I guess, generally Roleplaying Forums
You and the Force: Years and years now.
Languages: English
How Did You Find Us? RPG-D I believe

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Image Thank you for your submission and, as one stuck up, half-witted, scruffy-looking Nerf Herder once said, "hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a blaster by your side".


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