[C] Battle for Keldrath Sector - Space

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[C] Battle for Keldrath Sector - Space

Post#1 » Sun Feb 15, 2015 7:45 am

OOC Information
Author: Sirius
Started: Jul 28 2010
Ended: Aug 14 2010
Battle For the Keldrath Sector

This was it, the big day. It was time to rip the Empire off their high and mighty pedestal for good. Like the Empires of old, they had found their formidable time in the spotlight but were soon ripped down by the might and determined passion of the Republic. The time was nigh and with moral being at it's most height in years, the feelings was right.

The Illuminotra Victory Fleet blasted out of hyperspace in a fury. Each commander onboard the fleet had strict orders to uphold and each of them had the qualifications to get them done. Interestingly enough, the Fleet in battle shall not be led by Admiral Leon Mannix but one in his Admiralty, Victory Pellaeon. Leon Mannix would be leading his squadron 'The Tyrant Killers' into this battle.

Along with Sluis Van, this battle represented the fate o the New Republic. All three members of the Admiralty and those acompanying them all knew what had to be done and knew what hung in the balance if they lost their focus for one second. To them, the Empire will buckle this day.
Victor Pellaeon

Victor Pellaeon stood on the bridge of "The Invictus". With Leon personally leading the charge into the Enemy fleet, he was given command of all the ships -- with Leon's directions of course. He gazed upon the defending Imperial Fleet, this was a defining moment for Victor having been a once respected Imperial Naval Officer in his past. "Open up all communications." He order wanting to send a message to defending fleet as well as the Keldrath Sector.

"People of the Keldrath Sector and members of the Empire. I am Victor Pellaeon, descendent of the late great Gilad Pellaeon. A select number of you may remember me from my service to the Imperial cause but I come before a changed man. I have seen the evil the Imperials have brought forth onto it's own people, its own brother's, and it's own kin. The Empire does not fight the bounty of it's followers or it's Empire, nigh, it fights for the wealth, greed, and glory of a false 'god' family. I fight for the the glory and wealth of the people and it has become clear the Empire does not sure the same views. We were promised an end to the fighting, a new era of peace, once the Empire reigned but we were lied to. Instead we target our own people. Only the Republic has brought the galaxy peace, the Empire has become just one of the many who threaten that peace. The Empire's 'fight for peace' was simply one man's greed and is the one who ruined the peace! What happened on Zeltros and Utapau against innocent defenseless people cannot be forgotten. I did not become a glorified Imperial to laughingly commit inhumane atrocities under the facade of peace. So I say no more, it ends here."

Victor folded his arms behind his back and turned to his commanders just behind him from the holo-projector. "Keep the ship in formation. Once enemy fighters begin attacking our own, having the Lancers press forward and wipe them out while the gunboats defend them. The commanders saluted and dispersed to relay Victor's orders. He sooned turned and looked upon his former comrads, justified in his decision to switch sides. If he was lucky, his speech would reach at least one Imperial soldier and convince him that he was indeed on the wrong side.

The Fleet kept a tight formation. In the front was the Scythes while in the center was the Leivathan-Class Star Defender. The Venator-IIs, in the back, were protected and acted as the main carriers for the now launching squadrons. The fleet as a whole kept their distance from the enemy fleet and remained ready of any surprises should come out of hyerspace. The Universe had charged it's Ion Pulse Cannon, ready to use whenever the order came.
Leon Mannix

"So what do you say? You boys ready to bring home another victory?" Leon annouced halfway up the ladder to his ship's cockpit. The pilots dressed in their starfighter uniforms all rose their fists high and yelled 'aye' as their moral rose even higher. Leon smiled warmly by this answer just when he climbed into the cockpit and started his starfighter's engine. Soon a series of 'boops' and 'beeps' sounded as soon as the engine roared which made Leon chuckle under his breath. "Yeah, I missed you too G4-U9." His astrodroid had already nestled itself in it's compartment just behind the cockpit, by the sounds it was making it was safe to assume it was excited. Leon looked down on his controls and pushed a red button then made the cockpit's screen close over him. he could hear his astrodroid communicating with him once more after the ship began to lifted off from the hangar. "Me nervous? Well its been awhile but I'm sure I can do this. I am an Ace afterall. You just watch your head out there!"

Leon's starfighter blasted off from the hangar of the "The Invictus" and headed toward the enemy defense fleet. "All fighters form up. Its time to take down some Imperial rats." Spoke Leon through his fighter's communicator.

"Red 9, standing by"
"Wolf Squadron, standing by"
"Blue 5, standing by"
"Green Fox, standing by"
"Tiger Hound, standing by"

The Admiral merely smirked as tons of squadrons reported in. He switched on his targetting computer and made a note of each pivitol spoke they needed to hit. Finally he had relayed his message to Fleet to provide cover fire onto the Enemy Defense Forces so that the many squadrons could approach the enemy more easily. "All bomber target the shield generators on the ships. All fighters target the ship's weaponry." Leon grinned as he gave out the orders. "Tyrant Killers, let's break up and take out their communication arrays."

Leon's starfighter descended upon the Imperious-Class Star Destroyer along with a series of bombers and other fighters assigned to stick with him. They obeyed the orders perfectly, the bombers broke off and began attacking the shield generators while the starfighters broke off in groups to deal with the ship's weaponry. Hopefully the Illuminotra Victory Fleet's would occupy their weaponry for the Leon and his group to take them out. Like swarms of wasps, the squadrons attacked the defense fleet harshly and with extreme malice.

The Lancers were poised and ready for any enemy squadron retaliation.
Dracus Fauld

A wide grin sat on the face of Dracus Fauld, he had been battle starved for some time now and was itching to get back within the game. He had been left incharge by Mannix to manage the Army's arrival on to the planet, their cover, and to decide whether or not to try and hijack a ship. "Well I do declare after that sterling speech made by our very own Victor Pellaeon that we are ready to begin our plan of attack." Dracus said in his distinct Dubrillian accent. He sipped his glass of red wine for a moment then looked down upon the liquid as he swirled it around in his glass.

One of his subordinates approached Dracus and saluted promptly before letting his hand fall to his side. "Orders, sir?" He asked.

"Ah of course." Dracus said with his cunning smirk. "If you please, would you alert Mister Delmarco and Mister Grave to prep themselves and their army on the dropships? According to Mister Mannix I should launch them very soon." Dracus had decided he'd be launching General Grave's forces onto Keldrath Prime and he'd be launching Colonel Delmarco's on the much smaller Paldrath planet. Dracus sooned turned away from his subordinate and sipped his wine once more while facing the window. "Tell them that can launch when ready and when they do, provide further cover fire from the fleet to protect them and if needed, redirect a Lancer or a gunboat." Hopefully they would launch before the Imperials launched their own fighters so the gunships and lancers wouldn't have to double their work load. However either way, they would be fine.

"By the way, tell the General and Colonel to takeover all communications arrays when they do land." His final order given in this round of the battle. Dracus felt confident that the New Republic could pull a victory out of this. The Empire had gotten overconfident with themselves but that was the folley of most enemies of the Republic. Dracus wanted to exploit that possible weakness. Besides that, the Empire would have stretched their army and navy command dangerously thin with so much acquired territory, he doubted they have put such high profiles commanders in such a no named sector.

Fauld soon rose his glass up toward the view of the Imperial defense fleet. "A toast to our glorious enemies, may their end be swift and painless..."
Ships Present So Far wrote: Leviathan-Class Star Defender "The Invictus"

Universe-Class Battleship "The Pathfinder"

Scythe-Class Main Battle Cruiser "Defender of Light"
Scythe-Class Main Battle Cruiser "Defender of Justice"

Venator II-class Star Destroyer "Victory Against the Sith"
Venator II-class Star Destroyer "Victory Against the Mandalorians"
Venator II-class Star Destroyer "Victory Against the Confederacy"
Venator II-class Star Destroyer "Victory Against the Empire"

Lancer-class frigate "Beautiful Dubrillion"
Lancer-class frigate "Impregnable Anaxes"
Lancer-class frigate "Royal Naboo"
Lancer-class frigate "Prideful Corellia"

DP20 Gunship "Battalion"
DP20 Gunship "Legion"
DP20 Gunship "Regiment"
DP20 Gunship "Squad"

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Re: Battle for Keldrath Sector - Space

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Keldrath was a heavily populated planet, a planet which was extremely close to the New Republic's sphere of influence and thus had a rather loyal Imperial garrison to the planet. High Admiral Alex Inmur and High General Raith Voner were coordinating the defenses of the planet and the entire Sector. The two were highly decorated Imperial officers; the High General having come highly recommended from the Grand General of the Imperial Army. The High Admiral was hand selected by Grand Admiral Drale and approved by the Imperial Admiralty only months before the attack. The two silently spoke about the New Republic fleet which now came into the fringes of hyperspace around the planet.

The room was in a fray but was utterly silenced when four golden clad warriors entered the room guarding a single man, the Emperor himself. Hadrian had traveled in secret from the Imperial capital world of Bastion and arrived in the Keldrath Sector only days before the New Republic attack; Imperial Intelligence and the Grand Vizier were ultimately to thank for pulling off such a monumental diversion. The Emperor entered the room along with his elite cadre of warriors and approached the planning table, the four guards fanned out and Hadrian looked at the High Admiral and High General who had yet to take notice to the Emperor’s presence.

The High Admiral looked up and then looked back down before looking up and pushing the High General repeatedly for his attention. ”My Emperor!” The High General and the High Admiral bowed their heads. ”No need gentlemen, we have a planet to defend.” The two raised there heads and moved to the side of the table where the Emperor stood; each beginning their battle plans at the same time. ”Calm down gentlemen...High Admiral you first.” The High General smiled and folded his hands behind his back to listen.

The High Admiral’s plan was rather basic but enough to easily defeat the New Republic. The Emperor switched over to the High General who was laying out his plans if the battle reached the ground; which the Emperor was sure it would. The two plans coincided well, and had great strength to them. ”Perhaps gentlemen you will find yourselfs on Bastion after this..” The Emperor smiled and looked at the view of space. ”High Admiral...perhaps you should get to commanding this battle...I will assist you in a different way.” The High Admiral nodded and rushed to the command post.

[QUOTE=First Imperial Task Force]
1 Bellator-class Star Destroyer
4 Imperial IV-class Star Destroyers
1 Imperial III-class Star Destroyer
7 Dreadnaught II-Heavy crusiers
3 Victory III-class Star Destroyers
5 Lancer II-class Frigates[/QUOTE]

”High Admiral to all ships, launch squadrons, prepare defensive measures for squadrons. Prepare defensive measures for initial attack.” At the head of the fleet was the Bellator, bearing the ability to devour any ship that was thrown at it, flanked to it’s right and left were 2 Imperial IV-class Star destroyers, the Dreadnought II’s and the Lancer II’s filled the various gaps in between the larger capital ships, prepared to defend them against fighter attacks, the Imperial III-class trailed behind the Bellator and the rest of the fleet, the 3 victory’s waited in reserve. ”We allow them to attack first.”

((OOC: Ground will be posted once the first NR troops make landfall.))
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Re: Battle for Keldrath Sector - Space

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Scythe Main Battle Cruiser: Defender of Light
Docking Bay
Leon stood with the officer's in front of a standard Republican drop ship; soldier's began boarding the ship from the other side, preparing their weapons and adjusting their gear before their deployment. In the back Leon could hear a soldier shouting: Big hero's pay cheque when we're back boys! He admired the soldier's enthusiasm in the wake of impending death, it enlightened him to see such loyal soldier's in the wake of war. The Colonel was surrounded by the most trustworthy men he had ever laid eyes upon, the men who were about to decide the fate of today's mission, he would fill them with morale and hope feeling that they would do the same for their respectable comrades. One of the men standing in the circle was Leon's closest friend and comrade, Carmine "Hawk" Vagas. The man was originally from the Alliance Spec-Ops as a sniper before the change in government, now he served under Leon in the dirty, grungy, army corps - and he loved it. Leon broke a smile to the men standing in front of him, his eyes scanning each soldier, he began to move in front of the circle having all their eyes follow him as he did so.

"Men, you are the 87Th New Republican army Brigade, the 12Th army and I know right now that means nothing, but that's all the more reason to prove something here. Under stand that whether or not you want to be here, your stuck here until the fight is finished and a damn Republican flag is waving on both planets. You've been beaten, rattled and straight up punk'd around from the Empire as an Alliance. Your not an Alliance any more, you are the strong hand of the Republic, you wanted some revenge, well here it is! You want some Imperial blood? Take it! You want their guns, ammo, and armor? For the love of Ashla take it!"

Before Leon could say another word the message came through on his data pad, Leon Mannix and the others were prepared to go already. The large smile on Leon's face hinted to the rest of his men that the time was now, but they remained in place, until Leon gave the word. Each soldier, including Leon himself wore the proud black Republican armor, the Republic insignia was in scripted on the chest plate of each soldier. "Ready your selves, and remember to remind your men to keep some space between each other when they land, there's no need to lose any one to friendly fire or lose a squad to a damn artillery strike. Let's go!" Each man, once again including Leon, put their helmets on and got into their assigned drop ship, time was of the essence, each man knew what to do, debriefing was a long time ago, it was time for action. Leon checked his weaponry quickly as the doors to the drop ship began to close, the roar of the engines was soon the only thing Leon could here. The call was just waiting...

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Re: Battle for Keldrath Sector - Space

Post#4 » Sun Feb 15, 2015 7:47 am

Both the High General and the High Admiral received orders simultaneously; both stated that a withdrawal from the Sector was ordered by the Emperor himself. Though confused both the High General and the High Admiral understood the overall efforts of the withdrawal. Issuing order to their troops was efficient and painless; however getting the troops out of Keldrath would be slightly and issue. The High Admiral ordered an Ardent-class fast frigate to rapidly descended down to the planet and fire upon the New Republic formations in order to allow evacuation of troops.

It would be only a hour or so before the entirety of the Imperial forces on Keldrath were evacuated. The fleet would hold off the New Republic's and provide cover and sanctuary.
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