[ARCHIVED]A new home ....and a new calling to the Sith

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Sereph Cytrious
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[ARCHIVED]A new home ....and a new calling to the Sith

Post#1 » Thu Apr 12, 2012 10:54 am

A shadow ....a simple spot on the ground ....is that all we are .....beings that are outcasts .....rejected by what we pick ....we were once so proud of what we were .....the Sith ......now were hunted by the empire and the Jed .....*Sereph stood in the hall of his ship, A low hum lingered as his ship neared an unknown planet the man called Sereph wore his traditional tight black robes aspired by the legendary Sith Revan he had grown attached to that style of clothing. His mask only went up to his eyes which gleamed and shined a bright silver. A visor could easily cover his eyes but sometimes the eye to eye contact helped his cause when he faced a fearful enemy. Knowing this would intimidate the foes before him. The mask was a pitch black color. On his obi belt rested his trusty Light saber. A duel phase silver colored light saber. The crystal from his former lover raven was also a part of this weapon giving it a faint red swirl around it's blade when out. Only being an apprentice he was a victim of circumstance forced to become a Sith at a young age. His goals were not to destroy life. But to instead save it.

The ship landed in the docking bay of this unknown planet located in the outer rim in a unmapped area of the galaxy. The sky?s of this planet were almost red black lighting swelled up into the clouds above him as they struck down upon the land. The landscape a Beautiful sea of trees and lakes. Yet this planet would serve as a temporary home for him. No Jedi or Imperial trooper would dare land here ....the planet he had landed on...was the start of the Sith ...a rebirth ...Kintik Jen ....a new shining Hope for the Sith ..and a Nightmare for the Jedi. Using his ships transmission system he sent a message to all Sith to unite here hoping that they would head the call for a new shining world ....and the start of a uprising. His mask on he looked at the sky?s of this new planet. Feeling the possibilities of this new world he grinned the black lighting complementing the Red sky?s the forests and lakes light with a bright flash the storms calming presence eased his mind waiting for the Sith that remained to meet him on it?s surface.* Kintik Jen .....a fitting name from the Old language .... Darker Shadow.....Here we will make our new stand ....*He sat in the cockpit of his ship admiring the Black lighting the red sky lighting up this new world.*
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[ARCHIVED]A new home ....and a new calling to the Sith

Post#2 » Thu Jun 28, 2012 11:45 pm

Thank you for your Role-Play, it has been finished or has been left dead for some time. If you'd like this topic to be re-opened please contact a staff member.

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