Republic Deployment Styles

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Republic Deployment Styles

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<div align=center>The New Republic is a vast government which holds ties to many worlds, some which don't even fall under its jurisdiction. To keep the flow of Democracy alive, the Republic will often have operations to carry out for the safety of the citizens of the New Galactic Republic.

Deployment Styles
  • Missions are objectives given by High Command, usually supposed to be kept to secrecy missions are often carried out by Special Operatives or Jedi. Missions are prerequisites to an Operation.
  • Operations are prerequisites to invading a planet, before a war begins there will always be an operation leading up to the fight. Operations are usually carried out by Army and Naval personnel due to the fire power needed to carry out an Operation.
  • War, this is the highest degree of a 'mission' it is the last stage before a planet falls to the invaders. These missions are cooperatively planned out by High Command to include every division in the New Republic forces, there are no parameters to take part in these missions.
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