Confederate Mint Inc.

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Confederate Mint Inc.

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<div align=center>Confederate Mint Incorporated

Minister of Economy: Draal Vienna

CMI Hierarchy

Managing Director: Jennifer Amyotte

Director: Arlen Victa

Senior Vice President: Samuel Corven

Vice President: Kameron Vella

Analyst: Darla Starefax


The Confederate Mint Incorporated is tasked with daily handling of the New Republic credit system. This company was funded by the Reeve administration to strengthen the Republic credit, with the re-opening of crucial mines and heavy industries this bank has become the back bone of the GRC (Galactic Republican Credit).

The main CMI bank can be found on Abregado-Rae and its main associates in neighboring systems, but the chain of banks being opened around the Republic will pave way to new jobs for the population and ultimately put a spear through the recession.</div>

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