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Welcome to SW: Galaxy!

Post#1 » Sun Aug 24, 2014 3:34 pm

*A massive starship descends upon sacred ground. You depart by turbolift, already amazed at the advanced functions of the starship Exspectata. Soon, you touch the holy surface. Your eyes sparkle at the glorious sight; towering structures dominate the skies, a fresh, flowery aroma prances under your nose, the stars glimmer against the intense blackness of space, and there is all but a few specimens draped in red, grey, and white, respectively, to greet you. As if the earth quenched with thirst, so did your gut feel as these intimidating supernatural beings approached you of all people. Each mouth bequeathed the next word in a sentence.
They were individuals, but a collective. One, but few.*
Welcome to Star Wars: Galaxy We are the Council of Administrators (otherwise known as the "Community Team"), united by blood, community, and friendship. We are here to serve the galactic role-playing community and insure all players achieve their maximum writing potential. If we fail to accomplish such, not only do we fail ourselves, but we fail those that dedicate their time to the ongoing survival of the Galaxy--you and you and you.

Whether you are new or old, you are precious to us, you are precious to this community and vital to its success. As an intermediate-to-advanced role-playing board, we would like all of our players to set the bar high for themselves, as we believe you can only gain the most from us if you gain the most from yourself first. Think about that. How can we even think about helping you if the very person we are trying to assist regards himself as a lowly writer? Think more of yourself. Be better. Be the change. Work towards your objectives. Because when you do, we can assure you that you will turn out a better writer than ever before. You will have gained something from Star Wars: Galaxy no other community could offer.

You will have gained friendship, opportunity, maximum potential, greater sense of creativity, an exceptional playing community defined by richness and its atmosphere, and, what we consider the greatest thing to offer to any one person, a family. Yes, SW:G is about the pew pew pew, the action-packed adventures, quests that Yoda wishes he could have still been alive to endure, the politics, the galaxy-spanning conflict, the emotional trauma, but it is also about love and unity. Without love, a family cannot be formed. Without unity, a family cannot remain together. Those two core values constitute the very essence of Star Wars: Galaxy; lose them, we lose who we are. We lose all that we strive for here.

We lose the window of opportunity to be your online family, your brothers, your sisters. We lose Star Wars: Galaxy.

And, that, my friend, is what you can expect here. That is what we are all about.

We hope you enjoy your time and experience here! May it be fruitful and all that you will it to be.
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